10 High-paying Freelance Writing Niches to Make Money Online

Freelance writing is lucrative and encompasses several niches with activities such as blogging, research, tweeting, social blogging, and even writing for others. As long as you have the freedom to write on any topic that you really want to write about, then that’s freelance writing.

In fact, if you enjoy putting your thoughts down every once in a while, then you should do freelance writing, even if not for the money.

The most important factors that determine success in freelance writing are choosing the right niche and having the right skills. Both the niche and the skill should match if you’re to make any success out of freelance writing.

The more these two match, the more niche authority you will have, which would help you demand higher fees for external jobs.

But most importantly, it is always best to find a niche that you are passionate about and one that has a lot of sub niches, so you don’t run out of topic ideas.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 lucrative freelance writing niches that you should consider if you want to quickly make money online. Number 9 is definitely my favorite.

Let’s get in.

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    Personal banking

    Personal banking is a huge and lucrative niche for freelance writing. Not only are there many topics of interest, but there are many problems to solve.

    The more you solve these problems, the more money you can make.

    If you hop onto any social media platform, you’ll see a barrage of complaints from banking customers complaining about one or two issues.

    If you can walk the walk to find solutions to the most pressing banking problems and put them in writing, you’ll be able to attract a sizable audience that will help you get paid.

    Financial Trends

    Financial trends are the icing on the cake for freelance writers looking to boost their earnings.

    If you witnessed the crypto wave as a freelance writer, then you probably know the magnitude of  influence that financial trends can have on your earnings.

    The good news is that the finance niche does have trends all year round. Big spike here, small spike here, and freelance writers keep cashing out.


    As long as the web lives, SEO will continue to be a high-demand and lucrative niche.

    Even though SEOs are not writers per se, their job description is almost intertwined with writing, and most SEOs are writers anyway.

    One thing I’ve noticed about the SEO niche is that there are many poorly-skilled SEOs. So, it is easy for you to stand out if you know your onions.

    Just late last year, I had the need to hire some SEOs for my site and I must confess that the search for a good SEO was a painful one.

    I finally got 2 good ones and they made sure I paid through my nose. And I did pay.

    So, if you can put in the work to become a very good SEO, you’ll definitely have a rewarding freelancing career either as an SEO writer or an SEO consultant.

    Mobile Tech Support

    Mobile tech support is a big opportunity as a freelance writing niche, especially in NIgeria with a huge mobile-savvy population.

    There are many successful stories of Nigerian techies who made a fortune from freelancing and writing about mobile tech support.

    Ogbongeblog started out as a tech enthusiast providing solutions for many tech problems, and grew so fast to become one of the go-to tech solutions platforms in Nigeria.

    Hovatek started out as a hobby on the Nairaland forum, and grew into a full-fledged mobile tech solution offering professional remote repairs for all things mobile devices.

    The good news is that as technology advances, many mobile tech sub niches are being birthed, which means more opportunities for freelance writers to step in and capitalize. 

    Music Roundup

    In Nigeria, music is life. Apart from music and sports, only a few things bring more joy to our hearts.

    Interestingly, the music niche has a lot of things going on and even trending almost on a weekly basis.

    In fact, music and lifestyle have combined to create some form of gargantuan industry that freelancers can feed off of.

    If you have love for music and can find a way to keep up with happenings in the industry, then you probably should be able to carve a niche for yourself.

    Celebrity Listicles

    Listicles are one of the most interesting niches to go into. They are fast, straightforward, and fun to write.

    As a writer, you’ve probably written more listicles than you can count, and that is more reason why you should build a freelance writing career around listicles.

    Celebrity listicles and Top 10s are one of the most popular and demanded sub niches in listicles. And even though they don’t pay as high, the volume of jobs you can get will definitely cover up for that.

    If you’re observant, you’d see that this article itself is a listicle and from my tone, you’d know that I’m having fun writing it.

    And getting paid too.

    Opportunity blogging

    Opportunity blogging is what I call a ‘flash’ niche. Just like the news niche, volume, consistency and relevance wins.

    If you’re up for it, there are many blogs looking to hire freelancers in the niche. All you have to do is scour the web for opportunities, put your unique spin around it, and hit the publish button.

    I think this is a good place for upcoming writers and freelancers to start. You’ll quickly learn the ropes of content management and SEO, and grow from that experience.

    Travel Guide

    The travel niche is arguably the most in-demand niche in Nigeria. People want to travel either for a getaway, relocation, or even as a digital nomad.

    But the information they need to get moving, is either scarce, limited, or outrightly hoarded.

    Hence, freelance writers are needed to do research, conduct surveys and interviews, and organize specific travel information that can be paid for.

    People who are well-traveled and good at expressing their thoughts in writing can easily thrive as freelance writers, and get paid for it.

    But the demands are quite steep, as there’s a need for networking, research and travel experience to thrive in this niche.


    Arguably the highest paying freelance writing niche today.

    eCommerce is so diverse that there are even newbie freelance writers making a killing in some of the eCommerce sub niches.

    Interestingly, the eCommerce niche has a reasonably sized audience, as a lot of people are interested in making money over the internet.

    When I started freelance writing as a newbie, this was where I started and then learned the ropes.

    The funny thing was that as a newbie freelance writer in the eCommerce niche, I was earning the expert-level fee for many other niches.

    And that motivated me to take on more jobs, continued learning, and increased my earnings significantly.

    That wouldn’t have happened if I started out in some other niche as a freelance writer.

    That is why I encourage freelance writers who are starting out today to start from the eCommerce niche. 

    The good thing is that eCommerce is linked with many other finance-related niches, so you can always diversify into other niches and spread your influence as you grow.

    Relationship Hard Facts

    If you are conversant with the relationship niche, you would have observed a shift from the lovey-dovey relationship content to hard fact relationship advice.

    I guess that the times are changing and there is now a demand for a new breed of relationship writers who are in tune with the times.

    If you are up for it and willing to provide your own share of realistic relationship content, then you can start here.

    All you have to do is take the red pill and start churning out toughlove content that can attract a reasonable audience that will either pay you to write for them, buy your eBook or subscribe to your school of hard love.

    But while at it, make sure you get paid!




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