10 Creative No Face YouTube Niches to Make Money

YouTube is a legitimate way to make money online by making and sharing videos.

Everybody wants to make money on YouTube, but not everyone wants to put their faces out there.

There are people who prefer to keep their identity private while sharing their creative genius to the world.

I’m one of those who believe in not sharing everything about your life on social media, but I own a YouTube channel.

Even though I would prefer not to have my face on the channel, I chose to for the sake of authenticity.

You can check my channel on Bizvestor YouTube and also subscribe if you like to.

Now, if you’re one of those looking to start a YouTube channel without showing your face for privacy reasons, then this post will give you an idea.

Here are 10 creative YouTube niches that will help you make money online without showing your face.

Food Recipes

If you love to cook delicious delicacies, then this should be an easy one.

I know that recipe channels on YouTube are almost a dime a dozen, but you can still carve out a niche for yourself and grow an audience.

Maybe you could be the next big channel that teaches people how to make ice-cream of unique flavors and decorations.

Drawing & Animation

If you have a thing for the arts, then this one’s for you.

You could start a YouTube channel about drawing, painting, or animation, and you wouldn’t even need to show your face.

In fact, your audience would actually get pissed off if they see your face disrupting their artful watchful eyes.

Sound Production

Here’s a little secret.

My favorite channels on YouTube are sound Production channels.

I’m an amateur gospel musician, so I regularly look for nice sounds and instrumentals for recording music at home.

I’m sure there are many people like me because the YouTube channels I subscribe to are pretty popular with thousands of followers.

So, if you’ve got skills for producing sound and music instrumentals, then you could start your own YouTube channels and your viewers would never ask to see your face.

Motivational Speeches

Most of the biggest channels on YouTube are in the motivational speech niche.

It is one of the most sought-after niches on YouTube, so you can easily get an interested audience.

However, this niche is quite saturated, so you will have to carve out a mini niche to gain relevance.

Maybe you could start a channel about the most revered African motivators and revolutionaries.

Or even a channel propagating the motivational words or preaching of your revered religious leader.

Skills & Handwork Tutorial 

If you have a skill or handwork that you want the world to know about then this could be a great idea for a YouTube channel.

You don’t need to even show your face. All you have to do is focus on the explanation of the handwork or skill, and you will get your audience watching.

I’ve seen popular YouTube channels teaching skills like carpentry, home decor, and construction.

Celebrity Biography

Many people are curious to know some facts about their favorite celebrity, and they want a video documentary.

You could start a YouTube channel that details the biography of popular people in specific industries, and you could make money.

Since the focus would be on the celebrity figure and not you, you can afford not to show your face.

Political Coverage

This is one of the easiest YouTube niches to start without showing your face or even talking.

With political coverage, all you have to do is record a live political event or speech and publish the video on YouTube.

These kinds of YouTube channels do go viral during periods when elections are close or when a huge political event is happening. 

Dog Training

If you have a dog, then you can start a YouTube channel about the training and lifestyle of your dog.

You won’t have to show your face on the video since the dog is the center of attraction.

Dog training channels are quite easy to do, and they are popular on YouTube as well.

I’ve seen a few dog training channels that were mostly scripts with motion graphics, and they get a lot of views and likes.

So, you have a lot of options in this niche, depending on your current skill set.

City Drive Through 

Want to help people understand your city and how it looks in terms of infrastructure?

Then a city Drive through channel would be perfect.

You don’t have to show your face, and people don’t even need to see your face either.

I must admit that apart from sound Production channels, I also follow a lot of city drive through channels.

If I wanted to travel to a new place, my first point of call would be to check how the place looks and feels via YouTube.

And then, I’ll land on a “city drive through” channel.

Drone Documentaries

If you have a drone and you love to fly it around town, then you might need to start a YouTube channel to capture all that beauty.

Drone documentaries are very much diversified into different niches, and you’ll have a lot of options on what kind of videos to make.

You could start a drone channel covering popular places, or one covering popular events, or even one showing how to fly a drone.

And you wouldn’t even need to show your face at all.

Many of the drone documentary channels I know on YouTube do resell their productions.

They place watermarks on their YouTube videos and put a note in the description on how to contact them to buy such videos.

So, they make money both ways.




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