How to Make Money on Instagram with YouTube Shorts

Do you know that more than 30,000 videos are posted on YouTube every hour?

That is a whopping 720,000 videos per day.

This shows that there are just too many videos to watch on YouTube and not every video posted would be watched.

So, how do you profit from this?

Your goal is to curate the best videos in a few niche and create an Instagram page that showcases these awesome impactful videos.

And you’d be making a lot of money doing that.

Here is how to start.

Find a Niche

Look for a video category that you enjoy. That’s the necessary first step.

You must enjoy contents in this niche and want to share them with others.

It could be in the music category, comedy, lifestyle, or even food.

Find one niche that gets the hair at the back of your head standing.

Once you have found that one niche, head to Instagram.

Curate Niche Videos and Post on Instagram 

Now, once you have created an Instagram account, the next step is to start curating videos from your YouTube niche and start posting them on Instagram.

The goal is to keep the videos as short as possible.

One minute is usually the ideal length of an Instagram video that users would enjoy. So, stick with that.

You could find the best YouTube videos in your niche and turn them to shorts of not more than one minute.

I’ve seen Instagram accounts that curate content of personalities from YouTube that do not have Instagram accounts.

The goal is not to impersonate these personalities but to create a fan following on Instagram that enjoy their content.

Now, onto the next step.

Create Quote Images With Canva

You don’t want to be monotonous with your Instagram content, so the goal is to vary your content style.

You can do that by adding images of quoted speeches from influential voices in that niche.

Canva is a perfect tool for creating quote images in the shortest time possible all for free.

Simply create a Canva account by signing up with your Google account and start creating.

Use Hashtags to Create Visibility 

Hashtags are like fuel to your Instagram posts.

They help your posts get to the right audience and to be on the right trend.

So, use hashtags judiciously on your Instagram videos and quote images to create more visibility.

Build a Following

Your only goal should not be to post contents on your Instagram, but to create a following.

So, apart from posting content on your Instagram, you should be following other related accounts and looking for ways to create virality.

Try to repost the contents of other Instagram accounts once in a while and tag them to the post.

If possible, ask other accounts to repost your content and tag you to the post.

This way, you could easily grow your channel and build a following.

Start Making Money

Once you have built a following, you can start making money on Instagram.

There are many ways to make money on Instagram, but it depends on your content style.

You could sell other people’s products, sell merchs, or get paid to post sponsored content.

You need to come up with a monetization strategy that matches with your Instagram and that wouldn’t be intrusive for your audience.




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