How To Make Money With Adsense Ads Without Having A Website

I’ve had a lot of people asking me of the possibility of making money with adsense without creating a website.

That’s a very valid question because website creation skill is not what a lot of people possess.

They could have other skills such as content creation, research or even graphics design, but creating a good enough website always remains a challenge.

If that is you, fret no more, as we run through a couple of ways to make money with adsense without having a website.

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    What is Adsense?

    You probably already know what adsense is in the first place to be able to seek solutions on how to make money with it, without building a website.

    But for the sake of clarity, I’ll just give an idea of what adsense really is.

    In plain words, Adsense is an advert network by Google that places different ad formats on different types of contents in order to generate revenue for the content creator, advertisers, and Google.

    These adverts are created by businesses who want to advertise through Google ads. Google takes the advertiser’s money and then places their adverts in contents created by creatives around the world.

    The money paid by advertisers is shared by Google and the content creator in a 32% – 68% revenue share.

    That means whatever amount an advertiser is paying for a click or a view on their advert, the content creator earns 68% of that, while Google takes the rest.

    Cool right?

    So, how do you start earning from adsense without creating a website of your own.

    Set Up A Blogger Blog

    The easiest and cheapest way to create a platform for making money with adsense without having a website is to set up a blogger blog.

    A blogger blog is completely free to set up and the good news is that blogger is owned by Google, and they’ve made it super easy to plugin adsense to your blogger blog and start making money with your content.

    If you’re looking to grow into a webmaster as a complete newbie, then setting up a blogger blog is the best way to start.

    My first content platform ever was created on the blogger platform, aka blogspot.

    In fact, I have created websites on the blogger platform in the past and flipped them for millions in profit.

    And you can do the same.

    Create A YouTube Channel

    If you’re all for creating videos and visual contents, then a YouTube channel would help you start earning money with adsense without the need to have a website.

    In fact, many popular YouTubers today do not have websites of their own. They only create a YouTube channel and then plug in their adsense account to start making money.

    If you already have an active adsense account, then the easiest next step would be to just create a YouTube channel and start posting interesting videos.

    Join Hubpages

    Hubpages is a popular user-generated content (UGC) website for revenue sharing.

    It is the go-to platform for content creators looking to hone their skills and grow while earning some revenue on the side.

    Creators on Hubpages earn 60% of the adsense revenue generated by their content.

    If you’re a complete newbie looking to learn the art of content sharing while making money with adsense, then you should join Hubpages.

    You don’t need to create any website or even learn some programming or SEO. All you have to do is generate interesting content on a daily basis and grow your audience.

    The bigger your audience becomes on the platform, the more adsense revenue you can earn.

    Create Info Apps For Admob

    Now, away from the world of content creation, digital entrepreneurs are not left out of making money with Adsense.

    Instead of creating a website for adsense, you can pay an app developer to develop an info app for you, and then you can make money with Admob.

    Admob is the “younger brother” of adsense specially created for mobile apps. If you have a mobile app, you can monetize it via Admob instead of adsense. 

    The easiest mobile apps to create are info apps with static content. That is, content that doesn’t change or content that doesn’t need to be changed often.

    Examples are Ringtone apps, library apps, sms apps, block game apps, quiz apps, etc.

    To create these kinds of apps, you only need to spend once, and then you’ll continually reap the benefits via revenue from Admob.

    Join Paid Forums

    Another way to make money with adsense without owning a website is to join a paid forum.

    These forums may earn revenue from adsense, and then pay users for expert contributions in different niches.

    You don’t have to own the platform or even an adsense account. All you have to do is make your contributions and grow your trust level.

    The more your content becomes trusted, the more you’ll be ranked, and the more income you can make.

    Note that adsense is not the only ad network, and they have a lot of ad partners that display their ads via other media brand names, that mostly display higher paid ads.

    Many of these paid forums use those other ad networks and may not necessarily use adsense.

    So, when you join them, they might not be using adsense but be rest assured that the ad network these forums use are better optimized to earn users more income for their efforts.


    While you might be thinking of making money with adsense without having or creating a website, it is important that I let you know that having a website is better.

    With a website, you have better control and management of how much you can make with adsense.

    In fact, with your own website, you can make more money with Adsense in the long run than creating content on other people’s websites.

    However, if you’re a newbie, it is advisable that you start with a blogger blog, but once you have an idea of how things work, you should switch to having your own website.




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