How I Grew My Adsense Earnings By 147% With Same Traffic 

Last Month, December 2022, I grew my adsense earnings by 147% on one of my sites.

No change in traffic, no extra advertising, no PPC campaign.

I grew my earnings by making just a few tweaks to my site and the types of ads that were being displayed. 

So, in this article, I want to share a few of the things I did to effect this increase in my adsense earnings.

Maybe you could try them out and see if they could help you achieve similar results.

Here are 9 specific tweaks I implemented to grow my adsense revenue.

Table of Contents

    Switched to a Lightweight Theme

    I noticed that there were issues with my previous theme, and this was hindering my site performance and revenue.

    Issues such as slow speed, poor rendering of elements, and poor features were greatly hindering the site.

    The theme in question is GeneratePress Theme. 

    Most people say that is a fast theme, but it wasn’t fast for me (at least going by Webdev page speed insight).

    Maybe it was because I was using the free version. The premium version could be better and faster, but I don’t care about paying for a theme on WordPress no matter how good it is.

    I rather use a free one or create one myself.

    So, with the issues with the GeneratePress theme, I had to switch to the new Twentytwentythree theme.

    It was lightweight and fast, and the impact was almost immediate.

    The theme was so good that I had to change the theme for all my sites from GeneratePress to Twentytwentythree.

    A great decision that was.

    Removed AMP Version

    Oh thou AMP, I needeth thou no more!

    I noticed that around late last year, my AMP started having issues with my theme.

    I guess that was after updating to the latest version of the GeneratePress theme.

    Now, the AMP that was supposed to make my site fast started to make it very slow.

    I had to go through the pain of researching how to solve the AMP issue, but it seemed that my theme was the culprit.

    In the course of my research, I also realized that the impact of AMP on SEO has been greatly depreciated by Google and it was no longer as relevant as before.

    So, I got rid of it. Great decision again.

    Increase Page Speed

    One of the biggest secrets of increasing adsense revenue is increasing page speed.

    The faster the page loads, the faster the ads would load, which leads to more viewability and earnings.

    I had to hire some SEOs to work on this specifically, and we did a few tweaks to boost the page speed.

    All I can say is that if you want a fast site, never joke with litespeed cache and cloudflare.

    Add More Clickable Elements

    I’ve discovered that the habits of your users are very important if you want to increase ad revenue.

    Users that click a lot will click on ads, and users that don’t click at all wouldn’t click on ads.

    So, what do you do? Make them click a lot.

    If they start clicking a lot on your site, they would eventually click on an ad.

    Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

    So, what I did was add more clickable elements on the site. More links to other pages, more embedded videos, etc.

    Not only did those links increase the clicks per page, they also gave visibility to my other pages, which also added to the overall increase in revenue.

    Ad Above The Fold

    Did you observe that I didn’t say ADS but AD above the fold?

    You need just one ad above the fold, and you’ll get your adsense revenue firing.

    It could be an anchor ad or a display ad above the fold. These ads are always the most pricey on the site and they cost a high CPC.

    One click from an ad above the fold could equal 10 clicks from an ad below the fold.

    Many adsense publishers shy away from putting an ad above the fold, but they are only shooting themselves in the foot.

    Because that single ad could increase their earnings by up to 50%.

    Target Trendy Topics

    Trendy topics lead to traffic spikes. Traffic spikes lead to earning spikes. Yikes!

    No matter how small a traffic spike, there is bound to be an effect on earnings.

    That’s my experience and that is why I look for trends in my niche and target keywords that can inspire great articles for my audience.

    I believe that you shouldn’t be all about pursuing long-tail keywords and staying in line with your already researched keywords.

    You should go out of line once in a while and write about something different that could be relevant.

    I believe that every publisher should target at least 10% of their article as trendy topics.

    If you do that, you might see a reasonable increase in ad revenue.

    Target Brand-specific Topics

    Brand-specific articles help me make quick bucks in ad revenue.

    This is one of the biggest weapons in my SEO arsenal.

    I discovered that many brand-specific topics already run Google ads, so when I write about them, the ads automatically show up in the article.

    Here’s where it gets interesting.

    When a reader comes to my site to learn more about that brand, those same ads show up and most times gets clicked if the reader has made a decision to buy from that brand.

    A big win for the brand and a big win for your boy!

    Enabled Vignette Ads

    I saw a revenue increase of about 20% with this ad.

    Vignette ads might not be visible, but they show up between page loads.

    So, when a reader reads one article on your site and clicks on a link to read another article, they might be shown a vignette ad.

    I especially like this ad format so much that if I put off all other ads on my site, I’d leave this one still.

    A 20% to 30% revenue increase might seem small, but they can add up pretty quick to your overall earnings.

    Create A Balanced Ad Load

    The final tweak was to create a balanced ad load for the adsense auto ads.

    Keep it too low and your revenue will suffer. Keep it too high and your site experience will be disrupted.

    A balanced ad load is one that can serve a reasonable amount of ads on your site without affecting the page experience too much.

    Create a balanced adsense ad load and you might just see a big boost in your ad revenue.




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