How Much Can You Make from Blogging With Adsense?

How much can you really make from blogging with Google Adsense in Nigeria?

I’ve been repeatedly asked this question over and over again by people who are considering starting their own blog. In fact, I had a long conversation yesterday with someone about this same topic.

There are different versions of this question, such as:

How much can a blogger earn monthly in Nigeria?

Is it possible to make at least 100,000 Naira monthly as a blogger in Nigeria?

How much does adsense pay Nigerian bloggers monthly?

How do I start earning money with my Nigerian blog? Etc.

While the main focus of your blog shouldn’t be how much you can earn with it, I can understand the concern in wanting to know how much you can make with your blog in Nigeria. Afterall, you deserve to earn something for all your efforts in producing great content for your audience.

So, before I delve into the main question for this article, I will like to address an important factor that can impact how much you earn as a blogger in Nigeria.  

Google Adsense CPC in Nigeria

It is a well known fact that Google Adsense Cost per Click (CPC) in Nigeria is low. So, if a significant part of your audience are from Nigeria, then you’ll likely earn between $0.01 to $0.10 per click. 

This is a huge factor that determines how much you earn with your blog in Nigeria using Google Adsense.

No matter your niche, if your blog is targeted mostly to Nigerians, then you would likely not earn more than $0.10 per click. 

The only time you earn above that threshold is when you have someone from a developed country click your advert. This audience would represent less than 20% of your blog visitors and do appear infrequently.

Other Factors That Affect Your Adsense Earnings

Despite the fact that your Adsense CPC would be low if you focus on Nigerian audience, how much you earn would be affected by so many other factors.

If you are unlucky, most of your CPC would be closer to $0.01 or they could be closer to $0.10.

To clarify this, let’s take a look at other factors that can affect your Adsense CPC apart from the location of your audience.

Your Content Niche

It is true that your blog niche would determine how much you earn via adsense. The persona of your audience comes into play here. The more buyer-ready your audience is, the higher your adsense CPC would be.

In essence, if you write articles that are about business or products, then you will attract a high-value audience and your adsense CPC would be high.

On the other hand, if you write about news or gossip, then you would attract a low-value audience and your adsense CPC would most likely be low.

Blog Traffic 

Traffic is the number of people who are visiting your blog on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Traffic is the bread and butter of making money with Google Adsense. The more traffic your blog receives, the more clicks you can get, and the more money you can make.

So, your blog would have to be popular if you want to make money blogging.

You can increase your blog traffic by writing high-value content that people are searching for and sharing it with them. You can also boost your blog traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Ad Positioning

The way you position your Adsense advert on your blog would determine how much you make from it. Most newbies do not know this, they just paste their adsense ads everywhere and hope that someone would click on it. But that doesn’t work anymore.

You have to be strategic about your Adsense placement on your blog to be able to optimize the performance of your advert.

Ad sizes

Ad sizes are a big determinant of how much you earn with Adsense. I’ve visited a few blogs where the ads were so tiny that I couldn’t even read what was written on them. If I couldn’t view the advert properly as a visitor on that blog, then the chances of me clicking that ad was very low if not impossible.

So, to increase your Adsense earnings, choose ads that are sizable and viewable so that your audience can decide to click if they are interested in the offer.

How Much Can You Really Earn With Adsense?

Without some facts, it would be very difficult to know how much you can make with Google adsense on your blog, so I have to bring proof to explain this.

I randomly took a screenshot of my adsense earnings with one of my blogs in the entertainment niche. The screenshot shows a 7-day adsense report, which gives us an estimate of what you can earn with Google Adsense on your blog.

So, this is a sample of a weekly adsense earning with a Nigerian entertainment blog. Multiply this earnings by 4, and you’d get an estimate of what you can earn per month with Adsense in Nigeria.

So, let’s do some maths from the screenshot.

Total pageviews in 7 days: 68,336

Total clicks in 7 days: 1,086

Total earnings in 7 days: $39.85

From this, the CPC for this blog = 39.85 divided by 1,086 = $0.03

So, for every click on this blog, I earn $0.03.

If you do the calculation, you’d see that this blog earns me approximately $160 per month, which is about 74,000 Naira.

Not bad for 30 minutes work per week.

How To Earn 100k Per Month With Google Adsense In Nigeria

With the above facts and data, we can estimate what it takes to earn 100k Naira per month blogging via Google adsense.

I know you hate maths. I do too, but we need to perform a small calculation to get our estimation.

First of all, we need to know the exchange rate between Naira and dollar. For this calculation, I’ll be using 470 Naira = $1. Therefore 100,000 Naira would be equal to 213 dollars. 

So, we need to find how to earn $213 per month via adsense. That would translate to 100k Naira per month.

How Many Pageviews Do You Need To Earn 100k Per Month?

If 68,336 pageviews = $39.85

Then, we’ll need (68,336 X 213) / 39.85 pageviews to get $213 (100k Naira)

So, We’ll need approximately 365,000 pageviews per month to earn 100,000 Naira via Google Adsense.

How Many Clicks Do You Need To Earn 100k Per Month?

If 1,086 clicks = $39.85

Then, we’ll need (1,086 x 213) / 39.85 clicks to get $213 (100k Naira)

So, we’ll need approximately 5,800 clicks per month to earn 100,000 Naira via Google Adsense.

You Could Earn Even More With Higher Adsense CPC

The calculations on this article are all estimates and assume that your blog is in the entertainment niche or that your blog averages $0.03 per click. You could earn significantly more with less pageviews and lesser clicks if your CPC averages above $0.03. Some blogs focused on Nigeria even average $0.08.

So, the calculations in the article caters more to the minimum you can make with Adsense. The opportunity to earn more is there if you target a good niche and position your ads the right way.

Niches such as business, investment, technology, banking, etc pay way higher than $0.03 per click.

But you need to have the required skill set to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis in order to enjoy the benefits.




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