Nigerian Adsense vs Foreign Adsense: What’s the Difference?

You would have come across Nigerian bloggers who want to open a foreign adsense account, and you’ve often wondered what’s the difference between a Nigerian Adsense and a foreign adsense account.

Well, there are a few differences between both, and when it comes to this game of making money online, bloggers and internet entrepreneurs are looking to get as much advantage as possible.

A U.S verified adsense account or a U.K verified adsense account gives you some leverage that a Nigerian Adsense account wouldn’t give you.

So, what are the differences and advantages?

Let’s take a look at them.

Difficulty in Opening a Domiciliary Account

Sometimes, it can be difficult and even frustrating to open a domiciliary Account in Nigeria.

I know how I struggled before opening my first domiciliary Account in Nigeria, and I know many other online entrepreneurs are facing the same issues.

See: How to open a domiciliary Account without reference in just 5 minutes.

Hence, they have started looking for ways to bypass the domiciliary Account issue.

If you have a foreign adsense account, you wouldn’t need a domiciliary Account in Nigeria, and you wouldn’t need to send your money to your Nigerian bank account where the bank would fleece you with their low exchange rates.

Freedom of Withdrawal Methods

Another reason to use a foreign adsense account over a Nigerian one is that you’ll have the freedom of using several withdrawal methods.

For example, with a U.S verified adsense account, you could receive your earnings via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to a designated U.S account provided by Payoneer.

With your funds in Payoneer, you could spend it in any way you wish, such as converting it to crypto or withdrawing it at higher exchange rates. 

You could also just leave your funds in your Payoneer account just like you would in a dollar account.

This gives you a lot of advantages than if your adsense earning is wired to Nigeria at the end of every other month.

Slightly Higher Earnings

No two adsense accounts are the same in terms of earnings.

This is arguable, but I’m leaning in favour of the argument that some adsense accounts earn more.

For example, if you use a U.K verified adsense account, you could earn more than if you use a Nigerian verified account.

Let’s consider this.

The lowest figure you can earn on adsense per click is 0.01.

If you use a U.S account, you’ll get $0.01 per click as your lowest CPC. But if you use a U.K account, you’ll get £0.01 per click as your lowest CPC.

Now, you and I know that £0.01 is higher than $0.01. Multiply that across the account, and you’ll see that you get a slight earning advantage with a foreign account.

Ease of use of funds for eCommerce & some Delicate Online Ventures

Using a foreign adsense account gives you the chance to receive your earnings and do with it whatever you wish.

You could fund your eCommerce venture directly from your Payoneer account or Payoneer card, invest in crypto and patronize foreign betting companies.

But if your money were to be sent to your Nigerian account, you’ll be limited in what you can do with it.

Most Nigerian cards do not work with foreign betting sites, and if you choose to be smart and use your card to buy crypto assets, your account would be blocked.

So, online entrepreneurs are becoming smart by trying to navigate their earnings away from all these challenges that can arise when you have your money in a Nigerian bank.

You can’t work hard and make money online only to be told how and where to spend it by those who have no inkling about how many sweat hours you put into making that money.

So, in my opinion, it is a very smart move to use a foreign adsense account instead of a Nigerian Adsense account.




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