7 Ways to Make Money with Pocket App by Piggyvest

Do you know you can start making money online in Nigeria with the Pocket App by Piggyvest?

The Pocket App was launched in Nigeria less than a month now, with the aim to boost cashless payments via P2P and social eCommerce services.

Trust Nigerians, on the PocketApp, you will find marketers, money makers, socialites, and yes, beggars!

But if you cut to the chase and look beyond the noise, you can actually start making good money on PocketApp by offering products and services.

Yes, business-wise, you can start making money on the PocketApp right now, with nothing more than just your phone connected to the internet.

So, are you ready to start making money with PocketApp? If yes, just read on.

Make Money with PocketApp via Giveaways

You can start accumulating cash gifts via the giveaway feature of the PocketApp.

It works, and there are lots of people willing to do giveaways and show their money bragging rights. 

In fact, PocketApp works in a way that anyone can host giveaways worth up to 2 Million Naira if they want to reward their fans or customers.

Your job is to just pick their money, lol. 

The more money you pick and accumulate, the better your chances of purchasing an item or withdrawing it to your bank account.

Crowdfund with Clique on the PocketApp

Looking to raise some quick cash for an urgent bill? Maybe you should just crowdfund with Clique on the PocketApp.

The Clique feature works just like the local cooperative that is popular in Nigeria. 

A group of people can come together to pull funds towards any shared financial goal.

You could use the Clique feature to raise quick cash from friends and pay back installmentally over a period of time.

Make Money via eCommerce on the PocketApp

I think the biggest selling point for PocketApp right now is that you can sell almost anything there.

Most users have come to liken it with Instagram due to the similar picturesque interface.

Heck, you could even link your Instagram and other social media accounts to PocketApp and continue your bragging rights.

But more importantly, online stores are springing up on the platform, and people are beginning to use the PocketApp more than just for P2P payments. 

They are using it to sell their products and services and receiving cashless payments in return.

It makes sense, since money is already circulating on the platform via Piggyvest, which increases the chances of someone buying from you.

Business sense, eh? 

Sell Unique Services via the PocketPro

Now, we know there are lots of nice products on PocketApp. In fact, once you log in, you are crowded with a lot of products from a list of your interests.

But beneath all the noise, PocketApp is using PocketPro to usher in a sea of professionals offering unique services on the platform.

So no matter what kind of service provider you are; digital marketer? Lawyer? Copywriter? Web developer?

You can sell your services and make money on the PocketApp just with your mobile phone.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on the PocketApp

Still on the issue of selling.

The PocketApp could also be used for affiliate marketing and dropshipping if you do not have your own products or services.

You could sell other people’s products and services on PocketApp, and make some profit.

Since money is already flowing within the PocketApp and Piggyvest ecosystem, they are able to offer an escrow service, which ensures that users trust merchants on the platform and pays promptly for goods and services.

All you have to do is advertise products and services, confirm payment on the PocketApp, and deliver the goods on behalf of the real owner.

Now, that’s you cashing out.

Make Money with PocketApp Zero-fee Bill Payment

With PocketApp, bill payments are free of charge. Good for the users, eh?

But what if you could help people pay for bills offline and get paid a commission per bill payment? 

That works perfectly.

You can start selling airtime, electricity bills, and other payments, using the PocketApp. In return, you get paid for what PocketApp helps you do for free.

Even bank transfers could work the same way. You help people make transfers to the bank and they pay you commission while you do it for free on the PocketApp.

All you have to do is add the person to your contact list. 

Just Beg with Request Cash on PocketApp

Now, if all fails and you just want to make quick money on the PocketApp, with no obligation whatsoever?

Simply whip up your plate and go all Bambi-Ala mode. Lol.

No shame here. Afterall, almost everyone is doing it on social media, and you shouldn’t be blamed if you just stick to the theme.

You and I know that begging is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Most roadside beggars make as much as 5k Naira per day, which equates to 150k per month. A whole Branch Manager Salary!

Now that you know, that should wipe the shame off your face. 

So, pull up your contact list and just start begging on the PocketApp. 

Who knows? You could be making some good money for yourself.

All you have to do is, Request Cash.




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