Piggyvest vs Branch: Which is the Best Money Maker?

I’ve used both the Piggyvest and Branch app for savings and investing, and they both served me well in different aspects.

While one was my go-to for short-term passive income, the other was my go-to mobile money planner.

In this article, I’ll compare Piggyvest versus Branch to know which app is best for making and managing money in Nigeria.

While this is not to take away the differentiating features that makes each product stand out, we want to clarify which would fit your financial goals better.

Let’s dive in.

ROI Generation

For many investors, ROI is the end game to investing and putting money away periodically.

Hence, the higher the ROI, the more attractive an investment opportunity will seem.

To compare both apps, while Piggyvest standard ROI offers returns ranging between 6% to 13%, Branch offers between 15% to 20%.

Safe to say that the ROI offered by Branch starts where that of Piggyvest ends. Now, that’s levels.

But one could argue that the “Investify” feature of Piggyvest offers higher returns for external deals.

However, that feature has since been dormant and is not recognized as a standard investment window on the Piggyvest platform.

So, Branch wins it here.

Ease of Use

I’ll be straightforward on this one.

Branch is a more streamlined Fintech app, with fewer features than Piggyvest. Hence, it’s quite easy to use.

Invest. Loans. Bills. That’s all.

Everything on the Branch app takes just a click to get started, and there’s almost no need to educate a new user.

On the other hand, Piggyvest has more deep and complex features such as creating payment links and integrating other financial apps in one place.

Those are probably nice features to have for most of their users, but it definitely takes away the ease of use.

So, I’ll give it to Branch here.

More Freebies

For a few too many times, the reason why I chose to deposit money into my Branch app was to get some rewards.

And I’m quite sure it is the same reason why many users are choosing to keep their money on the Branch app rather than their bank accounts.

At least you get a plus and not a minus on your balance.

You could argue that Piggyvest does the same via their “Piggy points” feature. But Branch does this so very much more.

Literally anything you do on the Branch app is rewarded with cash. Deposit, pay bills, buy airtime, invest, and you get rewards in cash.

Who wouldn’t love these kinds of freebies for doing things that you’d most likely be charged for elsewhere?

So, Branch wins it here.

Banking & Finance

In terms of banking and finance, both apps have their own unique arguments.

While Branch provides access to finance and a very lucrative investment vehicle, Piggyvest portrays this reputation of a bank in your pocket.

The truth is, Piggyvest is building a monster of a Fintech not just within the Piggyvest core features, but with other Fintech app integration.

With supporting apps like Pocket, Piggyvest as a whole is able to provide much more than you can get with Branch.

In that space, you can do literally anything you could think of including buying and selling.

So, I’d go with Piggyvest here.

Money Management 

Out of the box, Piggyvest blows the Branch app out of the water in this aspect.

The first impression you’re most likely to get with Piggyvest is that your money will be in a good place.

They provide all the mobile tools and analytics to help you see where your money and spending habits are tending to.

Branch doesn’t provide that. And that is because they are obviously targeting a different demographic.

With Piggyvest, you could move funds from Naira to Dollar, and vice versa, create targets for your financial goals, safelock some for the future and keep the remaining for your flex.

It all just works like a clock and you have your money in the right places.

So, for that reason, I’ll go with Piggyvest here.

Avenues for Making Money Online 

The most important comparison for me with any Fintech app is which one helps me make more money online.

Now this should normally be a tie. But Piggyvest has totally changed the game with their Pocket app.

It’s a total game changer that makes the Piggyvest app a monster Fintech app in Nigeria.

With the Pocket app, the avenues for managing money are extended but also more opportunities for accessing and making money.

In fact, the way it is, only an idiot wouldn’t be able to make money on Piggyvest via their Pocket app.

And Piggyvest is obviously going to be adding more features to that. This blows my mind to even think about what can be possible within the Piggyvest ecosystem.

And that is why I’m going for Piggyvest on this one.




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