How to Withdraw Money from Paypal in Nigeria Without Limit

Are you looking to withdraw money from Paypal in Nigeria as fast as you can?

Do you want to cash out fast and receive money from Paypal in Nigeria without any limit? Then this post is for you.

It is no secret that PayPal is one of the fastest ways to receive money anywhere in the world, including Nigeria.

However, receiving your PayPal funds in cash can be quite difficult, as PayPal doesn’t allow withdrawal to bank accounts in Nigeria.

However, there are different ways to go about this.

In this post, we’ll be looking at different ways you can withdraw funds from Paypal in Nigeria and cash out fast without any limitation on your PayPal account.

Here are the steps.

Cash out Funds using UAE Paypal

Nigerians are allowed to open UAE PayPal accounts, since there are many Nigerians traveling to the UAE for business and tourism, and even living there.

You can open a UAE PayPal account and verify it with your Nigerian address and Nigerian Phone number.

This is to help you navigate any further identity verification roadblocks in the future.

You can open a UAE PayPal account by searching PayPal UAE on Google. No need to use VPN or other ip cloning software.

Once you have opened a UAE PayPal account and verified it with your Nigerian details, you can start receiving small funds below $500 at a time.

To cash out and withdraw money from your UAE PayPal account, you have to link the PayPal to a UAE bank account.

You can easily use an online service to open a UAE bank account, but nowadays, it is getting difficult, as the UAE has become stringent with verifying bank account details and ownership.

If you are not able to open a UAE bank account, you can use the funds in your PayPal account to buy items online from the UAE and other countries and ship to Nigeria.

Once you receive the items in Nigeria, they would then be sold for cash.

Cash out Using Senegal PayPal 

You can open a Senegalese PayPal account in Nigeria and cash out fast.

The procedure would be almost the same as the one of the UAE.

Here are the steps:

  • Google PayPal Senegal
  • Open an account with a new email
  • Verify your account with your Nigerian address and phone number

Once you have opened and verified your Senegalese PayPal account, you can start receiving small amounts into it that is less than $500.

Now, to withdraw from your Senegalese PayPal account, you have to link a bank account.

PayPal allows Senegalese accounts to withdraw to the bank, so you have to create a bank account with a Senegalese bank.

If you have a UBA account in Nigeria, then you can easily open a Domiciliary Account in Nigeria and in Senegal that receives money in U.S dollars.

To activate a Domiciliary Account with UBA in Senegal, you would have to take a short trip to Senegal.

If that’s too hard for you, then you would need to find a friend in Senegal to help you receive the funds into their account.

Cash out Using PayPal Kenya

Withdrawing money from Kenyan Paypal is similar to that of Senegal, only that you have more options to cash out.

You can either cash out via a Kenyan UBA domiciliary Account linked to your PayPal or via an mPesa account.

With either option, you will need to have someone on ground to help you verify the account.

If you have no one in Kenya, but you want to open an mPesa account, then all you need is to get a Kenyan phone number.

You can find someone online to help you get it. Once you have a Kenyan phone number, you can use it to open an mPesa account that will receive funds from Paypal.

The mPesa funds can be withdrawn from anywhere using Chipper Cash which is available in Nigeria.

All you have to do is use different phones to install Chipper Cash and send funds from your mPesa account to your Nigerian bank account.

Purchase Steam Gift cards (eCode)

If you don’t want to go through bank withdrawal methods, then you can just use your PayPal funds to buy Steam Gift cards. That is, the digital ones.

You can purchase higher denomination and sell them on game forums, for cheaper amount than they are worth.

Buyers would pay you via other methods that allows you to easily cash out in Nigeria.

You could also sell the Steam Gift card via Presmit and withdraw in Naira, Bitcoin, or USDT, however, you would lose almost half the value of the Gift card if you use Presmit, as their rates are on the low side.

Convert Paypal to Crypto and Exchange for Naira

Another quick way to withdraw from Paypal is to convert your PayPal funds to cryptocurrency and then exchange that crypto to Naira.

All you have to do is signup and verify a Paxful account.

On the Paxful platform, you can find exchangers who accept PayPal as a payment method.

Most exchangers would require you to use a personal PayPal account and not a business account. They would also require that you send funds via the friends and family (FNF) option.

Just follow the exchanger’s instructions and convert your PayPal to a crypto such as USDT.

Once that is done, you can then convert the USDT to Naira using another exchanger on the Paxful platform.

Use PayPal for eBay Dropshipping

One of the fastest ways to utilize your PayPal fund is to shop on eBay.

This is because eBay is like the default payment method on eBay, and PayPal loves it when you spend your funds on eBay.

So, you can start a dropshipping business in Nigeria where you help people buy used items, electronics, phones, and accessories online.

eBay is like the Jiji of the United States, so you can help your clients get a lot of items at cheap prices, and they would love you for it.

But most importantly, you would be getting your PayPal funds converted to cash in Naira.

Withdraw PayPal Funds using Payoneer

Heads-up: I offer a Payoneer Exchange Service that helps you withdraw your funds from Payoneer at higher rates than what Payoneer offers. I also offer Payoneer to Cryptocurrency conversion that helps you convert all or part of your freelance income to crypto such as Bitcoin or USDT. Ready? Go to my Payoneer Exchange Service.

This is the last option which can be used if all the previous options fail.

You can use a Nigerian PayPal or any other country and verify it with your Nigerian details. I prefer using a Nigerian PayPal for this.

Note that to withdraw money from Paypal Fast using Payoneer, you will lose 20% of the money in fees.

Here’s how to go about it.

You will use the PayPal funds to purchase online services on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

These sites take a 20% cut off any payment, so that means you will only receive 80% of the PayPal withdrawal.

To start, you have to open an account with Fiverr using a laptop. This is very important because you will use your phone to install and use the PayPal app.

So, first open a Fiverr account on your laptop and verify it, then choose a category where you will sell services such as graphics design, writing, web development, etc.

Once you are done and the account is active, you will then use your PayPal account to buy services from your Fiverr account.

To do this, you have to open another client Fiverr account on your phone. You can install the Fiverr app from your phone and use it.

So, you will be using the Fiverr and PayPal apps on your mobile phone to buy services from your Fiverr account on your laptop.

Once you have paid on Fiverr, the funds will clear in 2 weeks, and then it will be ready for withdrawal to your Payoneer account. 

So, you have to also open a Payoneer account and verify it with your government-issued ID card.

The process involved is to receive money with Fiverr, and then send it to Payoneer, and then withdraw it to your Nigerian bank account.

I’ve written another article that deeply explains how to withdraw from Fiverr to your Nigerian bank account via Payoneer, so follow the article and do the same.

Note that you will lose 20% of your funds via this method, and it should be used only as a last resort where all other options fails. 




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