How to Withdraw From US Dollar Card to Account in Nigeria

If you hold some funds in any US dollar card in Nigeria, you’ll admit that cashing out your dollars when you want to can be quite difficult.

Sometimes, Nigerian banks will tell you that they don’t have dollars in cash and advise you to seek other withdrawal avenues.

Worst still, going to the bank regularly just to cash out dollars can be quite frustrating, especially at this time when bank queues are getting longer.

Isn’t it better to do your transaction at the comfort of wherever you are without having to queue at the bank?

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to have more exchange rate options than be limited with the unstable local exchange rates?

Hence the need to explore other ways to withdraw from a US dollar card or account directly to your Naira bank account in Nigeria.

Prepaid Dollar Card to Naira Account

Prepaid US dollar cards can be requested from most banks in Nigeria.

These debit cards are preloaded and not linked to any bank account. All you have to do is source your dollar cash and preload it into the card.

It is quite easy to load money into the prepaid dollar card, but cashing it out can be very frustrating.

In a case where a planned international transaction is no longer needed or you change your mind and want to get back your funds, you’ll likely hit a brick wall.

Domiciliary Account to Naira Account

Most domiciliary accounts in Nigeria don’t come with a dollar card but you can request one, which gives you access to make international transactions.

However, the account is quite limited, as you can only make transfers to a local exchanger if you want to get cash in Naira.

Sometimes, you can withdraw dollar cash directly from the bank, but that depends on if the branch has dollars in cash, which is usually not the case.

Withdrawing from US Dollar Card to Naira Account

One of the fastest ways to withdraw from a US dollar card to Naira is to use Neteller.

With Neteller, you’ll have options on how to exchange your funds, and you can do that anywhere without being limited by location.

Withdraw from Neteller via Crypto 

To withdraw from your US dollar card, you can load your USD balance on Neteller with the amount you want to withdraw.

Then you use the balance to purchase crypto, which can be transferred to your crypto wallet on any crypto exchange and cashed out via p2p.

Note that you’ll have to first create a USD balance on Neteller by depositing Naira and exchanging it to USD on the platform.

Withdraw from Neteller via Grey

If you are not a fan of crypto, then you can easily transfer your USD balance from Neteller to Grey and cash out in Naira.

To do this, you’ll have to create and verify an account with or using their mobile app.

Then you request for a Grey foreign account in either Euro or GBP. The Pounds (GBP) account will be more ideal for this.

Once you have created a GBP account on grey, head over to Neteller and make an international transfer.

Neteller will usually charge a small fee for the transfer, but that’s not an issue as the fees will decrease as you make more transactions on the platform. 

Once you have your funds sitting in your Grey foreign account, you can easily cash out to Naira using black market exchange rates.

Withdrawal from Neteller via Local Exchangers

In case you just want to transact with a local aboki, you can make a transfer from your USD balance on Neteller to the exchanger’s domiciliary account.

This is obviously a last resort, as it can take a lot of time to complete the transaction. So, do this only with a trusted exchanger.

Once the transaction is completed, you will then receive your cash in Naira using local forex rates.

This could be a very frustrating option due to the transaction time, so if you have a domiciliary account, it would be better to just do a USD bank transfer instead.

Anyways, you can try it out and see if it works for you.




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