How to Block GTBank ATM Debit Card to Prevent Card Fraud

Are you a victim of ATM Debit card fraud in Nigeria? Do you want to block and disable your debit card to stop scammers from stealing from your bank account?

Do you want to stop your GTBank ATM debit card from being debited without your authorization?

Then this post is for you.

Card fraud is becoming rampant in Nigeria. With most financial services these days requiring your debit card details, it is quite easy for your debit card to get compromised.

In this post, we’ll look at how to prevent your GTBank card from being used by fraudsters and other unscrupulous elements.

GTBank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria, with arguably the largest customer base.

That makes GTBank customers more susceptible to card fraud in Nigeria.

However, GTBank is at the forefront of digital & cyber security, and have made provisions for their customers to mitigate card fraud as much as possible.

If you are a customer of GTBank, here’s how to prevent your card from being debited without your authorization.

Block GTBank ATM Debit Card via the GTWorld App

The GTWorld App is the official mobile app for GTBank customers, and can be used for different financial activities.

If you feel that your debit card has been compromised or that someone is trying to use your debit card without your notice, you can temporarily disable or block the card.

Note that this is temporary and is useful in cases where you cannot immediately contact your bank. 

To permanently block your debit card, kindly visit your bank to do that and/or request for a new card.

If you decide to temporarily disable your debit card, pending when you can reach your bank, here’s how to do it in 5 minutes or less.

Login to your GTWorld App and navigate to the homepage of the app.

On the list of icons on the home page, you will see an arrow by the right hand side that allows you to scroll to the right to see more icons.

Scroll right to reveal more banking icons.

On the new page, click on the ‘Cards’ icon and go to the cards management page next.

On the cards management page, click on ‘Card Protect’ to go to the card protection page, where you can finally block your card.

On the ‘Cards Protect’ page, you will see your active debit card at the top of the fold with a list of toggle buttons.

If you want to temporarily disable your card from all platforms, you can just toggle off the ‘All’ button.

This would make your card not usable until you toggle the button back on.

If you want your card to work only on POS and ATM machines, which requires your PIN but not work on websites and mobile apps, all you have to do is click on the ‘web’ button to toggle it off.

If you want your card to work on only Nigerian platforms, and not on international platforms, then just toggle off the ‘International’ button.

Reactivating your GTBank ATM Debit Card

After temporarily deactivating your GTBank debit card, you can choose to reactivate it and use it normally.

All you have to do is toggle on the platform you want to use the debit card on.

Note that sometimes, due to network issues, reactivating your GTBank debit card may take up to 1 hour. But most times, the change is usually instant.




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