How to Withdraw from Fiverr to Nigerian Bank Via Payoneer

If you are an active freelancer on fiverr, you would know that withdrawing your earnings from fiverr to your Nigerian bank account is the most important part of your online venture.

You don’t want to work hard and then have your earnings stuck somewhere on the web. I remember the first time I started freelancing on fiverr. Before hustling to get a job on fiverr, I made sure that I would be able to withdraw my money and I ensured I verified the whole withdrawal process before beginning.

If you are like me, you would want to ensure that as well because it would be a waste of time if you put in the whole hard work into earning on fiverr and then you are not able to withdraw and spend that earning.

So, how do you safely withdraw your fiverr earnings to your Nigerian bank?

Firstly, there are two ways.

Withdrawing From Fiverr Via Paypal

You can withdraw your fiverr earnings to your paypal account if you have one. But as a Nigerian, getting your money to your bank account from Paypal is complicated if not impossible.

Paypal does not allow Nigerians to receive payments on their platform. So, your funds are at risk of being seized by Paypal. 

I’ve heard and seen different ways Nigerians can withdraw from Paypal, but I think they are not worth the risk if you are a hardworking Nigerian and just want to focus on your freelancing business.

So, I’d say, avoid this route. Avoid using Paypal to withdraw your fiverr earnings.

Withdrawing From Fiverr Via Payoneer

The best way to withdraw your earnings from fiverr as a Nigerian is through Payoneer. Nigerians are accepted on the platform and your earnings are secured. They also have fast and courteous customer service personnel.

But there are two ways to withdraw money from fiverr to Payoneer.

Withdrawing Via Fiverr Revenue Card

You can withdraw your fiverr earnings via the fiverr revenue card powered by Payoneer and Mastercard. This would give you the ability to spend dollars online on most web platforms. 

You can also withdraw on Mastercard ATM machines across the country. You will be paid in Naira at the exchange rate set by the issuing bank. This rate can vary from bank to bank.

I avoid this method due to the many charges involved. These charges come in the form of card fees, withdrawal fees and account balance check fees, which can deplete your earnings if you are not too careful.

Withdrawing Via Bank Account

Fiverr recognizes Payoneer as a bank account. So, when you see ‘Withdraw to Bank Account’ on fiverr, it means withdraw to Payoneer. That is if you have verified your Payoneer account and linked it to your fiverr account.

In my experience, this is the best way to withdraw your earnings from fiverr to your Nigerian bank account. There are no fees charged except for a small withdrawal fee which is reasonable.

To withdraw from fiverr to Payoneer using this method, make sure you have a cleared balance on fiverr.

From your desktop, click on earnings. That will take you to a page where you can see “withdraw” and three choices of Paypal, Bank Account, and Fiverr revenue card. Click on the Bank account and confirm your withdrawal.

All your available cleared balance on fiverr would be sent to the Payoneer account linked to that fiverr account in less than 5 minutes.

With this method, there is no option to select how much you want to withdraw from fiverr. All your available balance would be sent to the Payoneer account linked to that fiverr account, so be sure the Payoneer account linked is yours.

How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer To Your Nigerian Bank Account

After moving money from your fiverr account to Payoneer, the final hurdle would be to send that money to your Nigerian bank account. There are two options available to do this, and depending on which one you choose, the time the money lands in your Nigerian account may be different.

Let’s take a look at both options:

Payoneer To Your Domiciliary Account

If you have a domiciliary account in Nigeria, then it is better to withdraw money from Payoneer to your domiciliary account in Nigeria. It doesn’t matter whether your domiciliary account is in dollars, pounds or Euros. Payoneer has the option to convert your earnings into any of these currencies.

See how to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria without references in just 5 minutes.

If you withdraw to your domiciliary account in Nigeria, you will have the option to change it to Naira at higher rates than what most banks are willing to give you. If you want, you could even withdraw foreign currency from your domiciliary account and hold it in hard cash.

To withdraw from Payoneer to your domiciliary account in Nigeria, you have to add your domiciliary account to your Payoneer account and verify it. The account verification process takes about 3 days to 1 week. Once it is verified, you can start withdrawing from Payoneer to your domiciliary account in Nigeria.

Payoneer charges 2% of the withdrawal amount, which is very negligible, and your money gets to your domiciliary account in about 5 business days.

Payoneer To Your Naira Account

If you don’t have a domiciliary account in Nigeria, you can still link your normal Naira bank account to Payoneer and withdraw your money in Naira.

For this method, Payoneer would not charge you anything for withdrawal. Rather, they would use their own exchange rate to convert your earned dollars into Naira. Payoneer’s exchange rate is quite lower than the Nigerian bank exchange rate, so probably, that’s where payoneer makes its money from.

If you withdraw money from Payoneer to your Naira bank account, the money would get to your account within 48 hours, most times, earlier. 

The Crypto Route Via Paxful

If you want to get more return on your dollars on Payoneer, then you can take the Crypto route via Paxful even though it is more work.

All you have to do is open and verify a Paxful account, find a Bitcoin or USDT seller who accepts Payoneer as a payment method, and exchange your Payoneer funds.

After that, look for a Nigerian exchanger to give you Naira for the USDT or Bitcoin you just exchanged.

This way, you would exchange your funds using parallel rates, which is way higher than you would get if you used the traditional Payoneer withdrawal methods.


Withdrawing your money from fiverr to your Nigerian bank account is now a breeze using Payoneer. There are many options to choose from and you could even send your money to friends and business partners on Payoneer.

If you are traveling to a country that uses U.S. dollars as its currency, you could use the Payoneer Mastercard as your foreign account and spend money easily online and in physical stores.

For most of Nigerian freelancers on fiverr, any of the methods I outlined above should work perfectly. If not, please kindly let me know.




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