How to Get Zenith Bank Token Number & Bank Account PIN

If you opened an online account with Zenith Bank, then you’ll need to have a Token Number and account PIN to start using the account.

One of such accounts is the Zenith Bank Zero Account which you can open via USSD or via the Zenith Bank website.

This is one of the fastest ways to open a bank account in Nigeria for your private or business use.

Requirements for Opening an Online Account with Zenith Bank

Here are the details I provided when opening the Zenith Bank Account online:

  • BVN
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Government-issued ID card
  • Passport Photo

Once you have provided this information, your Zenith Bank Account will be opened and an account number will be assigned to you.

However, if you want to use your newly created Zenith Bank account on your mobile device, you’d have to download the Zenith Bank app, register your account number and register the mobile device you are using to login to your account.

You’ll need a debit card or a PIN and Token number to do this.

In my case, since the account was opened online, I didn’t have any debit card to use, so I had to go with the PIN + Token option.

How to Generate Zenith Bank PIN for Mobile App

To register your mobile device securely and start banking with the Zenith Bank app on your mobile phone, you’ll need to receive a PIN which you’ll then type into the PIN + Token prompt.

To receive your PIN, simply select the “PIN+Token” option under “Register Device”.

A unique PIN would be sent to the phone number you used to register the Zenith Bank account.

Simply copy the PIN from your phone SMS and type it into the space provided.

How to Receive Zenith Bank Token Number for Mobile App

Next, you’ll need to input a token number to finally confirm your authenticity and register your mobile device as a legitimate access device to your bank account.

To get your Zenith Bank Token Number, you’ll need to have either a hardware token or an e-token.

In my case, I didn’t have a hardware token. That’s obvious since I opened the Zenith Bank account online.

So, I had to go with the Zenith Bank e-token.

Zenith Bank e-Token for Mobile App

To get the Zenith Bank e-Token, simply go to the Play Store and download the Zenith Bank e-Token app.

On the homepage of the Zenith Bank e-Token app, click “continue” to go to the activation page.

On the activation page, you’ll have three options to activate the Zenith Bank e-Token for use.

Firstly, the hardware token, which I didn’t have since I just opened the Zenith Bank account online.

I didn’t have a Zenith Bank debit card either, and I don’t wish to have one. So, that is off the list.

I’m now left with one activation method for the Zenith Bank e-Token: Quick Access.

I chose the Quick Access option, and I was directed to the next page.

Apparently, I would need to get an activation code and a User ID that matches my Zenith Bank account to be able to activate my Zenith bank mobile app.

All the while, my newly opened Zenith Bank account is active and able to receive funds like a normal Zenith Bank account.

So, the next stop would be to visit the nearest Zenith Bank, get my activation code and User ID for my e-Token and activate my Zenith Bank mobile app for mobile transactions.

Cool right?




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