Do you want to start making more money this year 2023?

I bet you want to.

We all start the new year with resolutions and goals, but if we could just make more money, many of our goals would be easily achieved.

I’ve decided that in this new year, 2023, I just want to make more money.

In my opinion, there is nothing like having too much money. It can never be enough.

Like Burna boy said, even Dangote the richest man in Africa is still looking for more money.

So, why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t we?

That is the essence of this article.

In the last few days, I’ve done some introspection, and I’ve come up with 6 steps which I think anyone could use to improve their finances this year.

Even if you’re an idiot.

Even if you can’t do most things in life, this should work for you.

I’m no expert, but I strongly believe that anyone anywhere, no matter their financial, educational, and intellectual capacity can start making more money this year, if they apply these six steps.

I don’t make promises, but I guarantee you that if you put in the right amount of work, you should be making more money in 2023 than you made last year.

Let’s get started.

Develop a New Tech Skill

Why develop a new Tech Skill?

Firstly, tech skills pay good money. 

Last year, over 80% of my earnings were made from freelancing.

Because I had the required skill, it was just too easy to make money freelancing online.

So, with a tech skill, you could easily raise capital to start your dream business or make an investment.

Having a tech skill would not only put some dollars in your pocket, but also give you the right exposure to know where the money is moving to in different industries.

There’s a long list of tech skills you can learn depending on what you have passion for.

From web development and graphic design, animation and video editing, to database management and data analytics.

Just find a space that you are passionate about, learn a tech skill and grow from there.

It wouldn’t be long before you start getting the cash rolling.

Build a Social Media Following

The more following or audience you have, the more money you can make.

It is as simple as that.

Right now, making money is no longer about positioning, but how much audience you are able to convince to love what you do.

Like they say, the money is in the audience. 

Having a social media following is like having a gold mine where you can always tap in and make money at will.

You can build a Social media following on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok or WhatsApp.

Just find a convenient platform where you can thrive, and start building.

I guarantee you that if your audience likes you enough and enjoys what you do, they will soon start buying from you.

Learn to Sell Online

There are thousands of people online looking for things to buy. 

All you have to do is get them what they want and you’ll get paid.

You could build an audience online and start selling to them, or you could just go beast mode on different platforms and start selling items.

You could start a shop on Jiji and Jumia, or start selling directly to your facebook friends.

The goal is to learn the art of matching products and services with people who need them and can pay for them.

Learn this enough and you’d start printing money legally anytime you want.

Join a Cooperative or Investment Club

So, you don’t want to make money and let it lie in your bank account.

That is why you need to join a Cooperative or investment club.

If you want to make more money this year, then you need to start networking with other people, who may have more experience or higher perspectives than you.

You could also get exposed to new business and investment opportunities where you can grow your money even more.

And lastly, you could add one or two rich friends to your entourage. And even if they aren’t as rich as you want, they’d be financially savvy and able to share Money-making ideas with you.

Start a Partnership

A partnership can help you do bigger things, and achieve more goals than you could alone.

I’ve always said that in a country like Nigeria, partnerships are way underrated, which makes partnership a hidden system for savvy business-minded people to create wealth.

With a partnership, you could start bigger projects, invest in more exclusive portfolios, and share risk while doing less.

It just makes sense to start a partnership business or investment this year because the upside is greater than the downside.

Who knows, you could hit a big fat homerun too.

Diversify your Savings

Now, after making the money, where do you keep it?

Do you stash it in a metal box at home or do you let it collect dust in your bank account?

If you are in Nigeria, you already know the dangers of holding the Naira.

For reference sake, the value of the Naira has fallen more than 30% in the last 2 years.

And guess what? It could fall even further this year, as the Government is already considering Naira devaluation amongst other monetary policies.

Hence, it would be foolhardy to just hold all your savings in Naira while praying that events go your way.

As a savvy business-minded person, the right thing to do is to diversify your savings, and guard your capital.

Hold some hard currencies; dollars, pounds, euros. Open a domiciliary account and stash some there. 

Find a stable dollar-paying instrument and put some money there. Buy some low-priced crypto and stablecoins.

Then put your food money into a Naira wallet like Branch, that pays you enough interest to at least match the Naira inflation.

Cast your bread (funds) on many waters (portfolios), for after many days (months? years?) you will find it intact.


If you want to make more money this year 2023, you have to be intentional about it.

Be patient enough to put in the right amount of work, try new things, and find out what works best for you.

I wish you good luck and I hope you apply some of these steps to kickstart your year and start making some good money! 




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