ChatGPT: 10 Ways To Use ChatGPT AI To Make Money Online

ChatGPT by OpenAI is changing the global knowledge landscape, and it is becoming scary what the future holds for knowledge seekers and vendors alike.

The ChatGTP is an AI Chatbot that simulates human conversations through its deep and trained knowledge graph.

With ChatGPT having undergone several iterations of reinforcement learning, newer versions could be utilized by savvy users in many economically beneficial ways.

In other words, if you know what you are doing, you could use ChatGPT to make serious money online by creating relevant tech products and services.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways you can utilize this AI innovation to start making money anywhere in the world.

Let’s hop in.

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    Build A Paid ChatGPT Mobile App

    This is the most “common sense” way to make money with ChatGPT.

    If you take a look at the playstore, you’ll see that there are many versions of the ChatGPT app there.

    And many of them are not free, even though they offer a limited free version.

    These apps are making a shit load of money by getting people who are curious about ChatGPT to explore their curiosity.

    If you could create your own basic version of ChatGPT and charge a small fee, you could be making some good money for yourself.

    Use ChatGPT To Build a Niche Exam BOT

    Now, we want to go take this further.

    You can utilize the deep knowledge base of ChatGPT to create a bot or app that provides answers for specific exams.

    It could be in a specific niche or even a general information niche.

    Here are some areas you could implement a ChatGPT exam bot for:

    • Accounting
    • Public Education
    • Maths / Arithmetics
    • English Quizzes
    • Physical Sciences

    With this, you could create an app that people will pay to use in preparing for exams.

    Making it for a specific niche would have a bigger impact and attract higher quality of users who’ll later become customers.

    If you can get enough users to try out your premium exam bot, then you’d be making some cool cash.

    Use ChatGPT As A Research Assistant 

    One thing about ChatGPT is that it is trained on a broad knowledge graph. And this knowledge graph has expanded exponentially over the last few months.

    This means that ChatGPT could be a reliable research assistant.

    You could take up research jobs and utilize ChatGPT for assistance in gathering research material.

    OpenAI plans to launch a professional version of ChatGPT, which would most likely cater for professionals in both the academia and the business world.

    This could be a game changer for professional researchers not only to do better research both to increase their speed of turnover, which translates to higher earnings.

    Generate Scripts For YouTube Videos With ChatGPT

    ChatGPT could do many things, and writing insightful essays is definitely one of them.

    You could use ChatGPT to build a complete YouTube channel that makes money consistently.

    All you have to do is feed ChatGPT with the keywords you want to target, and the AI Chatbot will shit out great YouTube scripts for you.

    With many top YouTubers relying on scripts to create great video content, you could use ChatGPT to do your content creation in a faster and more consistent way.

    A ChatGPT AI bot and a great voiceover could be all you need to start making at least $1,000 monthly on YouTube.

    Build Web Scripts For Sale

    If you’ve ever been tempted to use stackoverflow for some code help, then maybe ChatGPT is about to take over.

    With ChatGPT, you could generate web scripts or plugins that add features to a website or solve a particular web issue.

    And people would pay to purchase or use these solutions.

    That’s money rolling into your bank account, and you smiling to the bank.

    I had to test this on a ChatGPT app, and I was able to generate some reliable code for doing a 301 redirect on my site.

    Just wow.

    Use ChatGPT for Quick Data Compilation 

    If you’re building a data site or a historical content product, then ChatGPT will surely be of help.

    You could use the AI Chatbot to gather statistical and historical data that people are willing to pay for, and start selling it to the right users.

    This could be one of the fastest approach to building a statistics or reports site that makes money.

    You simply gather the data, separate them into different categories, add your own inputs, and start selling.

    This is exactly how data banks make money.

    Create Technical & User Manuals For Sale

    With ChatGPT, you could create short technical manuals that you can sell to users of popular products in different niches.

    I’ve checked online, and the market for manuals is quite a huge one. Popular eCommerce sites like eBay and Amazon have huge product catalogs selling user manuals and technical manuals.

    That should tell you that there is a market for manuals explaining how to do things in detail, especially for platforms like Amazon KDP.

    Popular niches for this include areas such as:

    • Auto care & repair
    • Electronics 
    • Agricultural production
    • Food & Confectionery 
    • Appliances & machinery 
    • Cosmetics and Skincare

    Once you are able to generate the right content with ChatGPT, you only have to verify that the content is up to date and then add some visuals to complete the instructions.

    And then, start selling and making money.

    Use ChatGPT To Find Latest Trends For Making Money

    We’ve talked about how ChatGPT can be a reliable research assistant, but it could also be used as a business research tool for finding trending opportunities.

    You could ask the AI Chatbot about what business is currently trending in Nigeria or in other countries.

    You could even find trends from the past years, and use the patterns to design your business pursuits.

    If you’ve ever done keyword research for SEO, you’d know the value in researching and finding trends for your niche.

    The difference between a successful business and a failed one today could be the use of trends to create products and services that align with the needs and requirements of customers.

    This could be the missing link to putting more money in your bank account.

    Create Fictional Stories For Sale 

    I’ve enjoyed several short fictions from ChatGPT in recent times. But I must admit that most of the stories are basic standard.

    So, fictional stories from this Chatbot would most likely be used in the kids category.

    Hence, you could use ChatGPT to generate short fictional stories that you can print into story books and sell.

    Schools, parents, and public libraries invest heavily in story books for their kids, and you could create cool story books for them and make money.

    Note that you’d need to make your own inputs to the fictional stories to create better context and make the stories more original.

    The average short fictional story book sells for $2.

    If you could sell a thousand copies of that, that’ll be a healthy side income of $2,000.

    Translate Books To Local Languages For Sale

    This could be one for the future.

    The ChatGTP AI is still evolving, and this might be early days for it in terms of language and translation.

    However, the potential is there to use the GPT bot to translate your book into many local languages and improve your sales.

    Imagine using the ChatGTP to create a good fictional story book, and then using that same Chatbot to translate that book into 100 other languages.

    That’s an exponential advantage, as never seen before.

    And definitely some exponential earnings for savvy creators willing to put in the work.


    While ChatGPT could potentially change the global knowledge landscape, it is important that online creators and digital entrepreneurs do not misuse it to fill the web with spam.

    ChatGPT could be the ideal tool to aid in finding the right content ideas, which is a necessary good step towards human-enabled content creation.

    You should use it as a guide while being able to add your own human input, creativity, and context to whatever you are able to generate from any AI bot.

    Otherwise, the world wide web would be in a quagmire of accidental plagiarism and marred by similar content issues that makes no one any money.

    So, only use ChatGPT to make money in a way that benefits all parties — the web, the users, and the publishers.




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