How To Make Money Online With Nexo Referral Program

The Nexo referral program wants to reward you with some free money into your crypto wallet and also pay you for keeping your rewards.

I recently wrote an article about Nexo Investment, as an alternative way for Nigerian millennials to invest in dollars for stable returns.

However, little do most people know that investing with Nexo is just one way to make money with the cryptotech.

You can actually make additional income on Nexo through the Nexo referral program.

By referring other people to invest and use the Nexo product, you can earn cash rewards, and even a life-time commission.

Here’s how.

Nexo Referral Program

The Nexo Referral Program is a straightforward CPA campaign. Get people to do something on Nexo and get rewarded with a certain amount.

In this case, Nexo is giving out $25 in Bitcoin for users to refer others to join the platform and deposit at least $100.

Pretty straightforward.

Get your friends or family to deposit just $100 on Nexo, and you’ll get a 25% cut off of that.

Unlimited Earning

There’s actually no cap on what you can earn with the Nexo referral program.

You can make as many qualifying referrals as you want, and you’ll get rewarded every single time.

Just imagine printing a new $25 worth of bitcoin every time you get a new referral on the platform.

Everybody Wins

The good news about the Nexo referral program is that there is incentive for everyone, even your new referral.

The $25 Bitcoin reward is paid both ways, to the referrer and the referral.

The referral or new user only have to deposit a minimum of $100 and hold it for at least 30 days.

Life-time Commission 

Another peck of the Nexo referral program is that you can earn as much as 10% of any interest earned by your referral.

So, it’s advisable to encourage your referral to invest as long as possible. The more they invest, the more they earn, and the more commission you can squeeze out.


Derivatives Paid on Referral Reward

I didn’t mince words when I say that Nexo is one of the best ways to invest on the go.

The Nexo referral program not only get you paid for referring people to the platform, they also pay derivatives on whatever referral rewards you earn on the platform.

Once you receive your reward of $25, Nexo will automatically start paying you a daily interest according to the ongoing interest rate.

So, the Nexo referral earnings could be a way to seamlessly turn earned income into passive income.

How to Start Making Money With Nexo Referral Program 

There are no special requirements for joining Nexo affiliate marketing. All you need is an active and verified Nexo account.

Once you have that set, you can begin referring new users to Nexo.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Login to your Nexo Account: Simply login to your Nexo account and navigate to the referral tab of your profile
  • Find and Copy Your Referral Link: On the referral tab, you’ll find your unique referral link. Copy it to your notepad
  • Start Sharing with Friends: Once you’ve copied your Nexo referral link, you can start sharing it with friends. 

How to Refer Users to Nexo

Once you have your unique Nexo referral link, the next step is to start creating content with that link.

You can create helpful contents in forums, and embed your Nexo link in them.

You could create useful articles on your blog, on social media, and use your Nexo referral link to redirect people to signup on Nexo.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can embed your Nexo referral link in your video descriptions and encourage your audience to sign up on Nexo.

You could also send your Nexo referral link to friends via email or DM, telling them to sign up and get a free $25 Bitcoin reward.


This is one of the easiest affiliate marketing programs you’ll ever sign up for.

The incentive is enticing for everyone, and the reward is reasonable for an action that most people are likely to take.

If you have a large business-minded audience, then the Nexo referral program should be one of the first on your promotion list.

Simply, keep pushing Nexo, and your affiliate income will continue to grow.




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