The Quickest Way to Make Money Online: Micro-niche + Product

Looking for ways to make some quick money online?

Have you tried different methods but without much success?

If yes, then let me show you a different way to make a dent in the blogosphere and earn some reasonable money.

But for the sake of clarity, let me tell you one important fact.

The only way to make money online is to either sell a product or service of your own, or get paid by someone to help them sell their product or service.

In the first case, you’ll be advertising your own product or service, while in the latter case, you’ll be advertising other people’s product or service.

There is no other way to make money online.

If there’s no exchange of value, then it’s probably a waste of time.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the first method, which is selling your own products and services. In a focused and articulate way.

The Micro-niche Blog 

You’ve probably heard of micro-niche blogs over and over again, and you may be wondering why they are so important.

Why should you start a micro blog instead of just writing about whatever you want to write?

What is the need to capture and grow a small audience when you can do a bigger one.

Well, the value is in the targeting.

A micro-niche blog helps you to capture a targeted audience that has a need for specific products or services.

For example, if someone is searching online for a cassava bread recipe, they are more likely to land on a recipe blog than a general blog about everything.

A micro-niche blog would also more likely rank higher on the SERP for its target keyword than a general blog for the same keyword.


Because it is more optimized for its target audience. A micro-niche blog may even have a keyword specific domain name.

And when the right audience lands on a micro-niche blog, they are more likely to read more content and be more engaged due to relevant recommendations.

Micro-niche for Making Money Online

“The sun warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass, it starts to catch fire. Focus is so powerful.”

– Alan Pariser

A micro-niche blog helps you focus on providing useful content, is way easier to grow than a general blog, and helps you make money quicker.

Like I said earlier, to make quick money online, you need to sell something. To do that you need a focused blog targeted at a specific audience that needs a specific solution to a specific problem.

A micro-niche blog gives you more chances of attracting an engaged audience, which increases your chances of selling a targeted product or service and making a sale.

More so, a micro-niche blog gives you authority as a thought-leader in that space, which makes people trust you.

If you can build a micro-niche blog that is focused on solving a single problem or a targeted group of problems, then you’d start making serious money online.

Micro-niche Blog Samples

If you’re experienced in solving a particular problem, then you should start a micro-niche blog about that problem and offer your solution to your audience.

Here are some vivid examples of micro-niche blogs that can make you money.

IELTS Tips Blog

There are thousands if not millions of Nigerian students looking to study abroad for their first degree or masters. Many schools in English-speaking countries like Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK require IELTS as proof of English language proficiency.

Now, the problem is that many students have written and flunked this IELTS exam. 

Many of them and other first-timers are actively looking for a platform to educate them about what to do to pass the IELTS.

There are many Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups focused on this, but what you get in those places are just general information.

If you can start an IELTS blog for Nigerian students and offer a comprehensive guide to passing IELTS in one sitting, then you’ll be having a lot of customers.

Car Repair DIY Blog

The rate at which mechanics extort car owners in Nigeria is very alarming.

If you’ve had a personal experience with a Nigerian mechanic (aka Kazeem), then you’d know the pain, anger, and frustration that comes with paying money to get your car components literally burnt.

Many car owners in Nigeria who don’t have a trusted mechanic are now looking to go DIY as the safer option.

If you launch a car repair DIY blog for a specific car brand in Nigeria, then you can sell a whole lot of products and services.

If you can build trust with your audience, then you can sell them car test kits, car parts, and even offer your car repair service for more complex problems.

TTC Advice Blog

TTC – Trying To Conceive is a very interesting area of focus.

I did some research in this area and found over a 100 Facebook groups focused on TTC women.

If you have a strong experience in this area or know a couple who have succeeded in conceiving after several trials, then you can start a blog to share relevant experiences.

I used to have a micro-niche blog in this category, and I made serious money as a Jumia affiliate marketer selling ovulation test kits. I could have sold eBooks on TTC and made more money, but I had limited experience in that space.

Weight Loss Recipe Blog

The weight Loss niche is a very lucrative niche filled with products and services to monetize.

You could start a weight loss blog in a specific category such as natural weight loss or weight loss after pregnancy.

I think affiliate marketing would do very well in this space, or you could just sell your own products such as exercise videos and low calorie recipes for weight loss.


A mentor used to tell me something. He usually says, “people are constantly looking for what to believe in, they are on the lookout for what could give them hope for tomorrow. You could provide that hope.”

In essence, you could start a blog that provides the glimmer of hope that someone needs to solve a particular problem or fill a need.

And they could in turn buy a product or service from you as a solution to their problem or need.

A micro-niche blog helps you do just that.




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