ySense Review: Legit Survey Money Or Waste Of Time?

ySense wants to help you make money by doing small digital tasks, product testing, and surveys.

The platform is proposing a productive use of online time for small earnings that may add up to huge cashouts.

But are you skeptical like me on the legitimacy of ySense? Is this a legit survey money platform or another waste of time?

In this review, we’ll look at what ySense is offering its users and if it is something you should try out, at least for the benefit of doubt.

Let’s check it out.

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    What Is ySense All About?

    ySense claims to be a global online community of product testers. They are offering users multiple ways to earn money online via online surveys and cash offers.

    I see it as a micro workstation for online gigers who want to learn, give their opinions, and earn a few coins along the way.

    So, how can you earn money on ySense?

    Paid Surveys

    Users can earn money on ySense by taking paid surveys and giving their opinions on products and services.

    Simply give an honest opinion and receive cash in return.

    Cash Offers

    Users can also make money on ySense via cash offers for small tasks such as testing out new products and services, signing up on websites, downloading apps, watching YouTube videos, etc.

    The ySense cash offers work just like CPA deals. You get paid per action performed.

    Referral Commissions

    Users can earn up to 30% of whatever their referrals make on the ySense platform.

    If you invite someone to join the ySense platform and that person makes $100, you could get as much as $30 from that earning.

    Cool right?

    What Is The Cost of Joining ySense?

    Fortunately for users, ySense is completely free to join.

    You don’t have to pay any money to sign up on the ySense platform, and when you invite anyone to join, they can do so for free.

    So, How Does ySense Make Money?

    I was really thinking.

    If ySense is absolutely free to join and make money, how then do they make money to become profitable?

    Well, if you look under the hood, you’d see that ySense makes some good money on the side.

    Here’s how.

    Earnings Commission 

    ySense gets a cut off whatever fee or earning is paid for each task or survey.

    So, if a particular task or survey pays $0.5, the original fee could have been $1 of which ySense takes $0.5.


    Multiple Affiliate Earnings

    ySense makes money via several affiliate marketing programs disguised as links on the platform.

    Here are some of them.

    • Payoneer Affiliate: When you click on ySense to open a new Payoneer account for withdrawing your earnings, ySense earns an affiliate commission 
    • PayPal Affiliate: When you click on the ySense link to open a new PayPal account for withdrawing your ySense earnings, ySense earns an affiliate commission 
    • Skrill Affiliate: When you sign up on Skrill via the ySense link, they earn an affiliate commission 
    • Amazon Associates Program: When you withdraw your ySense earnings via Amazon gift cards, ySense just made a gift card affiliate sale, and will earn an affiliate commission 

    How Much Can You Make On ySense?

    It depends, but it’s definitely not an easy walk.

    It really depends on how hard you are willing to work on the ySense platform.

    ySense do not only reward users for committing to complete tasks, they also reward users for daily completion of checklists.

    Apart from task earnings, users can earn up to 16% extra as a daily checklist bonus. Cool right?

    However, with most tasks averaging $0.10 it could take a long while to earn up to the minimum withdrawal threshold.

    I suspect that with some dedication, it could take up to 2 months to earn the minimum withdrawal threshold on ySense.

    Minimum Withdrawal Threshold on ySense

    The minimum withdrawal threshold would depend on the withdrawal method you choose.

    Here are some popular withdrawal methods:

    • PayPal: The ySense withdrawal method for Paypal is $10 
    • Payoneer: The ySense withdrawal method for Payoneer is $25

    Is ySense Even Worth The Effort?

    You might be skeptical and thinking if ySense is even worth the effort.

    Should you dedicate some time to work this thing out and see if it works for you and if you can earn money online?

    Well, I see ySense as a platform that could be used to give your opinions on products and services that you are interested in.

    It’s quite fun that you could write something similar to an online comment and earn money for it.

    So, why not?

    The problem however, would be if you’re depending on ySense for substantial income.

    That’ll be quite difficult because the earnings don’t come fast and thick, especially if you’re just starting out.

    So, if you’re a newbie desperate to earn money online, you could be frustrated. But if you take ySense as a fun online project for testing out cool stuff and earning coffee money in return, then maybe it could be worth it.

    Is ySense Legit or Scam?

    ySense looks legit to me, at least on the surface.

    They aren’t asking users to pay any sign up fees, so that is out of the way.

    Withdrawing earnings also seem to be free of charge. So, the only issue is whether the platform would be worth your time considering that you could use that time to do other things that could earn you substantially more money.

    What I Like About ySense

    The fact that it’s free to join is a welcome boost.

    Many other survey platforms would require a small fee to join, and users may not get paid at the end.

    So, ySense being a completely free paid survey platform presents a good chance for digital hobbyists to try their hands and experiment on making some quid.

    What I Dislike About ySense

    Low payment.

    Well, what do you expect from a free paid survey site?

    Personally, earning an average of $0.10 for 5 minutes of giving my opinion is just too poor.

    That wouldn’t even buy you a teaspoon of coffee to calm your nerves. So why bother?

    Well, this could be a chance for newbies to try their hands on something that could at least help them make their first $1 online.

    That first $1 of online money definitely tastes like sugar!

    So, Should You Try Out ySense?


    If you’re a newbie with lots of time on your hands.

    It could also be a side gig thing where you just experiment with a bunch of ySense type of survey sites, and see how much you could make at the end of the month.

    You feel me?

    Am I making ySense? Most definitely.




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