Sproutgigs (picoworkers) Review: Legit Crowd Jobs Or Gig Scam?

Sproutgigs, formerly Picoworkers wants to change the global gig economy by offering a diversified marketplace of satisfied employers and thriving freelancers.

With Sproutgigs, users can sign up to undertake digital tasks and earn some money on the side.

But just like many other new gig platforms, the question on the minds of many users is, whether this platform is a legit crowd job site or another side gig scam.

Well, in this review, we’ll take a look at some of the features of Sproutgigs (Picoworkers) to see if it’s worth the time or not.

Here we go.

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    Picoworkers Pivoted to Sproutgigs

    You probably heard of this platform as Picoworkers first until you landed on the Sproutgigs website.

    Well, it’s good you know that Picoworkers has pivoted to Sproutgigs. Same company, different brand name.

    With Sproutgigs, the platform is now offering more diversified gig offers to cover different categories of micro tasks.

    What Is Sproutgigs All About?

    Sproutgigs is not your regular freelance platform.

    I see it as a hybrid of sorts, where all kinds of online job enthusiasts perch to cut out their own pie of the gig economy.

    On Sproutgigs, users can compete for micro tasks based on their area of specialization.

    • Gigs: With gigs, users can offer specific freelance services on Sproutgigs 
    • Micro Jobs: With micro jobs users can perform crowdsourced tasks posted by employers on the Sproutgigs platform. Most of these micro jobs are social media based.
    • Surveys: Users can earn money on the Sproutgigs platform by completing surveys and giving feedback on products and services.
    • Offers: Users can perform special tasks posted by employers on the platform. These offers might require a specialized skill.

    How Does Sproutgigs Make Money?

    Sproutgigs make money by charging users a host of fees for services on the platform.

    Employers on the platform are charged fees for approving jobs and editing jobs, while workers are charged fees for job proof, approval, and withdrawal fees.

    How to Start Making Money With Sproutgigs

    Sproutgigs is completely free to join.

    All you need to start making money on Sproutgigs is to register an account on the platform, verify your identity by taking the personal surveys, and start working gigs, micro jobs, and surveys.

    You can also make money on Sproutgigs through the Sproutgigs affiliate program.

    If you refer a user to the platform, you will earn 5% of whatever the user earns or spends on the platform.

    Cool right?

    How Much Can You Make With Sproutgigs?

    To be honest, not much.

    You can earn anywhere from a few cents to about $2 per task.

    The more you take on micro tasks, the more money you can make.

    But then, it all depends on whether the employer or task owner is satisfied with your delivery.

    If not, then your earnings would be lost.

    Sproutgigs Minimum Withdrawal Threshold

    The minimum withdrawal threshold on Sproutgigs is quite low, which is good news for taskers.

    Apart from the bonus earnings, you’re required to have earned at least $5 before you can make any withdrawal.

    Sproutgigs Withdrawal Methods

    Sproutgigs offers several withdrawal methods, which caters for different users from different countries.

    Here are the popular withdrawal methods on Sproutgigs:

    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Coinbase (cryptocurrency)

    If you’re in a country that doesn’t support PayPal withdrawal, then it’s best you go with either Skrill or Coinbase.

    Is Sproutgigs Legit or Scam?

    Well, it looks good for now. Although I have one or two reservations about the platform.

    There are some micro tasks on the platform that seem scammish and black hat to me.

    And in my experience, most platforms in the past that offered those kinds of tasks didn’t last.

    So, it’s left for anyone willing to bet their time and effort on Sproutgigs to see if it works for them.

    What I Like About Sproutgigs

    One of the biggest draws of Sproutgigs is that they offer a wide range of gig opportunities.

    It definitely looks like a gig heaven for any make-money-online enthusiast.

    So, Sproutgigs can be a sort of playground for users who want to have a taste of the gig economy in a not too risky way.

    The only risk would be in loss of time and effort.

    What I Dislike About Sproutgigs

    Too many rules. Too many fees.

    According to Sproutgigs, if a user’s satisfaction rating drops from 100% to 80%, their account would be frozen or closed.

    And in the case of account closure, all accrued earnings by the user will be forfeited.

    This is quite hilarious.

    Sproutgigs makes so many rules as if they are paying wall street money. LoL.

    With most gigs paying less than a tablespoon of coffee, there shouldn’t be so many rules and threats of banning users’ accounts.

    Well, that’s because most of the workers on the platform are poor people from third world countries.


    Should You Join Sproutgigs?

    Like I said earlier, don’t expect to earn top bucks with Sproutgigs.

    Take this platform as a playground for learning to manage online gigs, and learning how freelancing works.

    This would be great for newbies with no specialized digital skill who want to earn coffee money while they navigate their way through the gig economy.

    You could make some money by the side or you wouldn’t, but you’d definitely learn a thing or two about freelancing.




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