How to Make $1,000 Monthly with Social Blogging

Do you know that you can start blogging and making money without actually owning a blog?

Owning a blog or content website has become somewhat obsolete these days due to the growth of social media.

Now, anyone can blog from different social media and be able to attract an audience.

So, you don’t necessarily need a blog to start blogging or making money with your content.

The next time someone asks you if you have a blog, simply show them your social media content and be proud of it.

So, how do you start social blogging?

Before starting, you need to first identify the social media that fits your kind of content.

There are many options, but let’s take a look at some of them.

Quora Blogging

Quora is a popular question and answer platform where users provide answers to more than 10 million questions.

The biggest deal with Quora is that your answer to any question could go viral and earn you a following.

All you have to do is choose a category where you are considered an expert, and start answering questions asked by other users.

So, if you are good with fashion or beauty, simply answer questions in that area. If you are good at business, simply answer questions in that area and keep it moving.

The more you answer questions in a particular niche, the more people would follow you so you could answer their question next time.

I’ve had a lot of users from Quora visit my blog and even contact me personally because of my answers to some questions there.

So, Quora Blogging can be quite impactful.

Instagram Blogging 

Instagram Blogging is a big deal, especially in the news category.

We’ve seen several Instagram blogs spring out of Nigeria, and they are really profitable.

The likes of Instablog and Gistlover in the Nigerian blogosphere comes to mind.

I’d say that Instagram is like the closest thing to traditional media, so it works well for information concerning the general public.

Here are some of the niches that could work with Instagram Blogging:

  • News
  • Public Health
  • Public Notices
  • Gossips
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food

YouTube Community Blogging

With YouTube launching its community tab and providing everyone with a unique @handle, the game of social blogging has really begun.

With YouTube Community, you don’t necessarily need to post a video on YouTube.

You could literally start posting news content and other articles there, and you would gather a following.

One of the best things about this new update is that you could tag anyone to your YouTube post and they’ll get notified and see it.

This means that you could easily get more eyes to see your YouTube posts just by tagging other people.

Now, that’s a chance to go viral.

Twitter Blogging

Twitter is already known as a micro-blogging platform, so it’s a no-brainer.

Many bloggers have ditched their blogs and joined Twitter due to the ease of engagement with users.

In fact, Twitter is the easiest social blogging platform you could join today and start making money.

Most importantly, after acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has hinted that Twitter will start paying its content contributors a percentage of the ad revenue generated on their site.

This should get your mouth watering if you already have a Twitter account with reasonable engagement.

Making Money with Social Blogging

Now, to start making money with social media blogging would depend on the niche you are focused on.

You could sell your products or that of others, get paid to make sponsored posts, or even earn revenue directly from the social media platform.

For example, Quora Spaces has started to roll out earnings for its creators in a few countries.

With Quora Spaces, content creators earn a part of the revenue generated when their contents are viewed.

Users could make as much as $250 with a minimum of 50,000 followers.

In Nigeria, most of these programs are yet to be implemented, so social media content creators are mostly left with a few options.

For now, if you have a good social media following as a content creator in Nigeria, you could sell your own products, sell ad spaces or do brand endorsements.

With these, you could easily be making more than $1,000 monthly as a social media blogger.




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