How to Increase Your Fiverr Earnings While Working Less

I’ve always posited that Fiverr is a lucrative way to make money online selling your digital skills.

But the truth is, you don’t want to work too much while earning less or even burn out.

The goal is to try to maximize your experience and reputation to make as much money as possible.

I’ve done it before. And I want to show you how you could increase your Fiverr earnings While Working less than you currently do.

Remember that working less doesn’t mean that you deliver poor quality jobs. It’s more a matter of work time than work quality.

So, without much Ado, let me take you through some of the steps you can leverage to start skyrocketing your Fiverr earnings.

Maybe, to the moon.

Find Long Term Clients

My single best strategy for earning more money while working less on Fiverr is to find long term clients.

I’ve found that these types of clients trust you more and are willing to pay more for simple tasks.

They also give more tips if you constantly deliver high-quality jobs.

So, find long term clients and make them stick with you.

Start Charging Less

Many people do not know that price is a factor for most clients on Fiverr.

Some clients have found me by searching for cheaper prices on the platform, and that’s not a bad thing as long as we have at least one deal together.

The goal is to attract them with cheaper prices and high-quality delivery before upselling them.

I’ve had clients pay me just $5 for the first job and then start paying me over $2,000 for subsequent projects after a month or two.

The goal is to establish first contact with as many clients as possible, and then gradually increase your price or sell them more services.

Provide Over-the-top Quality

Quality delivery is what keeps customers and makes them long-term clients.

To start making good money while working less, you need to have mastered the art of delivering high-quality jobs.

That is why I advise newbies to focus first on learning the craft rather than making money.

If you can master your craft and consistently deliver Over-the-top quality, most clients would stick with you for a long time.

Offer Allied Services

Upselling is not just a way to expose your clients to other of your services, but also to make more money.

More like killing two birds with one stone.

If you offer design services and your client needs a job that requires data research, then you could easily offer that as an extra service.

You could also network with other service providers and recommend clients to them for a fee.

Create a Solid Competitive Advantage

You have to find one thing that you do so well that others cannot easily replicate.

My strategy is to offer after-sale services for free within the context of the job deliverables.

I’ve discovered that when my clients know that I offer this service, they are willing to pay me anything I ask.

Because they know that in the grand scheme of things they are paying me for a host of services that may not be in the first job description.

So, what do I do?

I take advantage of this and charge them a healthy fee that I know can cover whatever demands they bring.

Ask for a Raise

Asking for a raise is usually a last resort for me.

I use this when the client has not been able to reciprocate my gesture in terms of consistently delivering high-quality jobs.

If I work hard for a client over a period of time, and I notice that their fees are not on par with the value of the work I deliver, I simply ask for a raise.

Here’s an example of me asking a client for a raise:

And then I provided a good reason why I was increasing the price. The client agreed and accepted my offer.

And then the client paid.

So, let me explain this.

This particular scenario meant that I got a 100% raise to do the same job.

I got paid the same amount I could have earned working on two projects of this nature.

Some raises could go up three times or four times their initial worth. But it is important to be sensitive to the client and offer your price increase gradually.

Now, your turn.

Go on and increase your Fiverr earnings. Upsell your clients, offer allied services, or ask for a raise.

Just make sure you’re maximizing your time online to make as much money as you can.





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