5 Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies that can Make you Money

Looking for some profitable crypto trading strategies that can put big profits in your pocket?

People are making money right now out of thin air by employing basic crypto tactics that has proven to work in the long-term.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best crypto trading strategies that actually work and can help you start making money with crypto right now.

Let’s see some of them.

Short Selling on Binance Spot 

Short Selling is a popular trading strategy in stocks and forex trading, but it has proven to work with crypto as well.

A Short Selling strategy involve selling when the price of a crypto is high, and then buying it back when the price falls.

The key to this is to anticipate a fall, by looking at the recent resistance trend of the crypto pair.

All you have to do is set a Sell Limit order to sell just below the anticipated resistance price.

And then, set a buy limit order that is set close to the recent support levels.

Long Trading on Binance Spot 

A long trade is simply the opposite of a short trade, and involves buying the crypto pair at a lower price, and selling it at a higher price.

Basic profit trading mentality, right?

What you’ll do is set a buy limit order on Binance Spot, to buy the crypto pair close to the support level.

After that trade is triggered and executed, then you set a Sell Limit order close to the resistance level or at a price you want to take your profit.

Riding the Crypto market

Riding the crypto market does just what it says – playing to the market sentiment.

This strategy involves being active in the market and making your trades according to the market movement.

Is the market on a bullish trend? Play to it. Is the market going bearish? Play to it.

The plan is to ride the market as much as possible to accumulate many small wins and a few losses that will end up bringing you profit.

For example, if the price of the crypto pair is uptrending, you simply set a low limit order or low stop-limit order that allows you to take some profit or a small loss no matter where the market sentiment goes.

This can be done by setting an OCO (one cancels the other) order that allows you to either take profit or stop loss whichever way the price goes.

This is one of the smartest trading strategy you can employ, as it helps you to capture value across a wide range of crypto pairs.

It is also sensible, as it let’s you to move on quickly from a loss by not being too optimistic on a price reversal, which most often than not leads to more losses.

P2P Volume Arbitrage

P2P Volume Arbitrage is a simple strategy for growing your profit, especially on a platform like Binance.

It is a street-wise strategy that allows you to make money right in the marketplace.

All you have to do is setup a merchant account on Binance via the Advertisement mode, and then choose a popular crypto pair for buying and selling.

Now, what you’ll do is set your price about 10% lower than most people on the marketplace, buy set your buy/sell limit in a way that allows you to attract many small trades. This accumulates overtime.

Once you have accumulated enough sales, go ahead and deal with the big traders with higher limits but better prices than yours.

You make your profit right there, then you rinse and repeat.

Crypto Flipping

I’ve always loved the idea of Crypto Flipping because it affords you the freedom to make money via crypto at your own pace. No rush.

The concept of crypto flipping might not be a popular crypto trading strategy, but it something that almost every crypto trader does on a daily basis.

Crypto Flipping is just about trading as much gree crypto pairs as you can.

My strategy is to look for new uptrend, make a small profit, and exit. If you can make a 5% to 10% growth per day, then it’s a good day.

For example, if DOGE/USDT starts to form an uptrend at let’s say 0.39% green, I would enter the trade and wait for it to hit maybe 1% to 2% before exiting.

Then I look for new uptrend and repeat the same strategy. Do that for up to 8 to 10 crypto pairs, and you’d already have a profitable trading day.




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