CJDropshipping vs AliExpress Dropshipping: And the Winner is?

CJDropshipping and AliExpress are two of the biggest platforms for building a successful dropshipping business from anywhere.

But which of these two is best for someone starting a dropshipping business today?

Well, CJDropshipping has its own advantages and disadvantages, likewise AliExpress.

In this article, we’ll be comparing the features of CJDropshipping and that of AliExpress to see which is more suitable for you to start with in your dropshipping business.

And for the records, even though the initials of my name is CJ, I do not own CJDropshipping. LOL.

Now, let’s do some comparisons between CJdropshipping and AliExpress dropshipping.

Ease of Implementation

CJDropshipping is essentially AliExpress plus a range of tools for dropshipping. Even though AliExpress could be used for dropshipping, there is a lot more work involved to get it working.

With CJDropshipping providing the sourcing, global warehousing, and shipping of highly-demanded products, it is often the go-to platform for anyone looking to quickly start a dropshipping business.

Range of Products

While CJDropshipping might offer almost everything you need to start a successful dropshipping business today, it is dwarfed by AliExpress in terms of the available range of products.

CJDropshipping only curates trendy products in several niches that may be highly-demanded by customers.

However, there are a lot of products on AliExpress that only need little marketing for you to start making huge profits if you can match the right product with the right customers.


It may surprise you that products on CJDropshipping are way cheaper than those on AliExpress.

Yes, that is because CJDropshipping sources and purchases products in bulk from Alibaba.

The products are sold on their own platform which allows them to be sold for way less than merchants on AliExpress that are required to pay to use the AliExpress platform.

When you compare products from CJDropshipping with similar products on AliExpress, you would notice price differences even up to 50%.

A product selling for $10 on AliExpress could be selling for $5 on CJDropshipping.

So, if you are price conscious and looking to maximize every revenue angle of your dropshipping business, then this is something worth considering.


Which do you think is more scalable?

CJDropshipping or dropshipping with AliExpress?

Well, due to the disparity in terms of access to products, I believe that AliExpress is more scalable even though it might be harder to implement.

Business flexibility is a key indicator of business scalability, so having the freedom to purchase millions of products from AliExpress and its sister companies such as Alibaba provides the opportunity to grow your dropshipping business as much as you want.

Note that scaling up your dropshipping business could be very difficult to implement, as you would need lots of resources, logistics, and management to build one.

Local vs Global Dropshipping

If you are focused on local dropshipping, maybe in Nigeria, then AliExpress might be your best bet.

Control, wider range of products, and shipping flexibility.

However, if you are up for global domination, then CJDropshipping offers the perfect platform to start with.

With warehouses stationed in almost every continent, you will be able to meet the needs of niche customers in many countries and deliver faster than you would directly from China.

So, the choice is really yours. Local dropshipping in Nigeria? AliExpress. Global dropshipping? CJDropshipping.

Which is Best for Newbies?

Looking to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria with no experience at all?

Simply start with CJDropshipping.

Even though I believe dropshipping with AliExpress is better for local dropshipping, which a newbie should start with, CJDropshipping provides almost all the tools that will not only help you start but also help you learn faster about the business of dropshipping.

AliExpress offers only access to a wide range of products and shipping to almost every country, but without the essential features that makes dropshipping work.

So, in my opinion, it is better to start with the products offered on CJDropshipping and then look to grow your options with AliExpress when you have more resources and experience.

Or you could just combine both if you can.

CJDropshipping for your global market and also for learning the trade. Then, AliExpress for local dropshipping and expanding your product options.

The ball is in your court.




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