How to Invest Like a Super Investor & Build Generational Wealth

Super Investors don’t just invest for the sake of investing. They invest to win, and when they win, they win big!

If you take a look at many would-be investors, you’d see that many of them are just choring and scrambling for crumbs.

They are either investing to beat inflation or investing to at least have some little gain on top of their capital.

But that is not how super investors play the investment game. They go big or they go home!

In this article, we’ll look at 3 ways super investors invest and how to replicate their strategies.

Let’s roll.

Invest for Consistent Results 

When a super investor looks at an investment opportunity they ask questions such as, “what is the growth rate?”, “what is the year-on-year return?”.

They are seeking specific metrics that indicate consistency in the performance of the investment.

Super investors want to see compound interest at play and they want to be sure that it applies consistently.

Have you really thought about why many global investors blindly throw their money at the S&P 500? 

Consistent Results. Simple.

Many other index funds also receive large investment capital on a year-on-year basis from many global investors because they have shown consistency in bringing investors good returns.

So, how do you capitalize on this?

Simple. If you want to invest like a super investor, don’t invest in unproven opportunities.

Look out for metrics that show consistent results over specific periods before committing your money.

And make sure the results are the kind that gets you excited.

Invest for Leverage 

Super investors don’t just invest for capital gains only. They also look to leverage.

Leverage could come in the form of monopolistic acquisitions or technology advantage.

A super investor would be thinking of how investing in an opportunity can give him more rights to markets or decisions.

Would his investment give him the rights to sit on the company’s board?

Would his investment get him closer to acquiring the company?

Would his investment give him the right industry reputation to be able to strike even bigger deals?

You can see the thought process behind a simple investment decision for a super investor.

A case in point would be Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

If you check from the first time he bought a Twitter share and the trajectory until his acquisition of the company, you’d see that he had his plan all along.

While the masses throw their money away and pray, a super investor gets intentionally greedy and strikes like a shark!

Invest for Big Outcomes 

Remember what I said about super investors at the beginning? 

They go big or they go home!

A super investor doesn’t entertain mediocrity in their thought process. They think long-term and they think big.

A super investor doesn’t get excited by a 20% ROI per annum.

They want something like a 10X or 100X of their investment and they seriously pursue that outcome.

That is why they think long-term. While small investors think in months, super investors think in years.

A super investor would rather get a 10X in 5 years time than scramble for a 20% APR.

That is why they seek big opportunities and they are mostly patient investors, not minding to lose a few quids here and there in their pursuit for the big bag.

A super investor does not invest by chance. They design their investment pathway with realistic strategies for taking markets and profits.

If you ever want to become a super investor and build generational wealth, then you’ll need to first invest in your mindset, and your bank account would be the proof of that mental shift.

Choose to be a super investor!




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