Heading into the last quarter of the year, the businesses that make the most money are trending businesses.

I remember the story of one Nigerian that made a whopping 5 million Naira between September to December of 2019.

All he did was start a business that was trending that period.

In this article, I’ll bring to you 3 trending businesses you can start right now and make money before December.

I’ve done my research on them and I believe anyone can make money with any of the businesses if they put in the hard work.

That said, let’s get right to it.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

We can’t deny the fact that cryptocurrency has been a trend in Nigeria for the past few years. 

Everyone is now buying cryptocurrency in the name of investment. 

Also, crypto has become an alternative means of diaspora remittances in Nigeria.

You should know that people abroad send more money to Nigeria during the festive period.

With this trend, we have seen new crypto apps spring up and numerous crypto investment schemes come and go.

So, how do you profit from this crypto trend?

A mentor once told me that if you want to get rich in a gold rush, buy gold. 

But if you want to get stinkingly rich in a gold rush, sell the mining tools. 

For me, the people making the most profit in today’s crypto rush are the people who own crypto-enabling businesses. 

You can start yours too. 

The biggest place to start is to own your own cryptocurrency exchange business. 

It is extremely profitable and I’ve seen people make as much as 10k profit in just one transaction.

You don’t have to be the biggest Cryptocurrency exchanger in Nigeria to make it big. 

You can start from your own family, friends, and local community. 

Help them get started in buying their first Cryptocurrency. 

Once they have tried your service and like it, they would inform their friends about your Cryptocurrency business, and then their friends would then inform their own friends. 

Before you know it, you have become the biggest Crypto exchanger in your state.

Travel Advisory Service

There is no gainsaying that people travel more during the festive season.

In fact, many people are already planning their December trips as early as September.

A service that helps travelers simplify their travel plans by providing travel information and requirements for different destinations would be welcome.

This is where a travel advisory service can come into play. 

You can set up a bespoke travel agency where you help travelers procure all they need to travel to their destination of choice. 

This is a trending business and may not last for long, 

but there are many people who are willing to pay for such services to avoid the stress of planning their trips by themselves.

Most of your capital would go into marketing and advertising in order to educate travelers on the services you offer and the need to patronize your business.

You can make good money in this business if you build your network and have a good marketing strategy to find and sell to your ideal customers.

Alternative Energy

The truth is that alternative energy is the future. 

With global warming becoming a growing concern all around the world, many countries are now investing in alternative sources of energy.

More so, this coming festive period, people stay at home more and would need to have reliable electricity.

Many of them are looking for clean and cheap alternatives to fuel generators to power their homes.

And that is where alternatives like solar power come in.

So, what are you waiting for? 

You can start your own business and position for a future dedicated to cleaner energy.

Some of the alternative energy sources are solar power and natural gas. 

There are many opportunities in these areas, 

and if you are willing to invest the time and effort in learning about them, 

you’ll be able to build a profitable alternative energy business.

The opportunity in alternative energy is huge. 

You just have to position yourself to take advantage and build a business out of it.




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