Ghostwriting: How I made over $3,000 online writing Incognito

I rarely do freelance writing these days.

In fact, I choose the projects I work on, and that is based on how interesting they are.

However, ghostwriting has been one of my best bankers in terms of making money writing for other people.

You probably could have heard about ghostwriting, but wondering what it is all about.

Now, let me tell you.

First of all, I’m not a ghost.

As in a ghost; a supernatural being. Ghosts don’t write content. Haha.

However, in the freelance world, there are people called ghosts.

They are special people who write, build projects and do other awesome things without taking any credit for their work.

They give hundred percent rights of their work to the client.

All they need is to get paid.

The ‘ghost’ gets paid, while the client takes all the credit.

In terms of freelance writing, ghosts can be very versatile in different kinds of writing.

They do several jobs such as composing music for superstars, writing articles, papers, editorials, fiction books, nonfiction books, writing speeches for top government officials, etc.

Now, what ghostwriters do not get in credit and reputation, they usually earn in money.

So, the average ghostwriter could earn significantly more for the same project written by some other writer that is given credit.

My Ghostwriting Experience

I’ve not been one to care about getting credit for a job done.

As long as I get paid and I enjoy the project, I would put my soul into it and deliver a wholesome job.

 And I love to get paid very well.

So, naturally, I gravitated towards ghostwriting.

I always want to work with interesting people and on interesting projects once in a while, and I don’t want to care who gets the credit, as long as the mission is a good one.

In the past month, I’ve done a few ghostwriting projects mostly in the area of finance, and they’ve all been interesting projects.

Ghostwriting on Fiverr

My ghostwriting activities have mostly been on Fiverr.

While I got some clients on the platform, I also brought a few clients onto the platform.

Since most of my clients are not Nigerians, they are more comfortable working with me via an escrow system that ensures accountability; and that is cool for me.

So, how much have I done so far?

Not so bad. Here are some completed ghostwriting projects I’ve worked on.

I’ve caricatured the screenshots to keep some information confidential.

From the earnings above, I’ve made over $3,000 so far from ghostwriting, which isn’t too bad, especially when you consider that I do them once in a while.

You too could earn the same or even more.

All you have to do is find that thing that you can do so well.

Do you love writing music? Do you play any instrument and love to compose sounds? Are you a research guru? Are you good at composing nursery rhymes and children literature?

Then you can start ghostwriting and getting paid for what you already love doing.


There are many ghostwriting ideas you can start with, and you don’t even need to be the one supplying the content.

If you can find someone who’s really good at something, then you could partner or collaborate with them to start ghostwriting on Fiverr.

It’s doable and it’s profitable, like I’ve shown you.




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