How to Earn Over 20% ROI Monthly on Your Crypto

Crypto hasn’t been performing well of late, and many crypto holders are beginning to reassess their financial goals.

Investors are looking for how to grow their portfolio via trades and swaps, but is there any other way to grow your funds?

Enter Cash flow.

Remember that cash flow is better than capital gains. 

If you can get your money bringing you derivatives on a consistent basis, over a long period of time, it is better than making a huge gain in one fell swoop.

So, how do you start earning cash flow on your crypto holdings?

Binance Simple Earn

Binance Simple Earn is a simple way for anyone to start earning passive income in crypto.

You don’t have to be a guru or know how to draw trendlines, before you can make any gains.

And guess what?

They are currently proposing a special offer that can help you earn more than 20% ROI on your crypto holdings.

All you have to do is just invest for a minimum of 21 days.

Easy eh?

How to Start Investing in Binance Simple Earn

The first step is to switch to Binance Pro on the Binance app.

Click on the Earn logo on the front page, then click on the Simple Earn logo on the Binance Earn page.

You’ll then see a host of crypto tokens that you could subscribe to and start earning.

You can adjust your subscription tenure from daily flexible plan, to 21 days, up to 120 days.

Returns will vary depending on the subscription tenure that you choose.

How Much ROI Can You Typically Get?

The ROI you get would depend on the token of choice and the subscription tenure you choose.

Here are some tokens I selected for a tenure of 21 days. I think that’s a reasonable plan for investors looking to keep their investment liquid.

Can You Lose Money With Binance Simple Earn?

The truth is that the nature of crypto is susceptible to losses.

While you cannot lose your investment directly by investing with Binance Simple Earn, there is a chance that the value of the crypto you are investing in might fluctuate.

If the value of a crypto you’re investing in depreciates within the period of your investment tenure, you might lose money even if you earn a big ROI from your investment.

But on the average, it is difficult to lose your money this way because earning more than 20% ROI in just 21 days will most likely cover for any loss that may happen.

Should You Invest in Binance Simple Earn?

I’d say go for it.

It is definitely a no-brainer for any investor looking to start earning passive income in crypto.

The good thing about this product is that you could always swap to another crypto that is performing better after getting your returns from a previous crypto investment.

Remember that if you’re not locked in, you can always switch to a portfolio that favors your pocket.

Keep earning.




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