How to Convert Amazon Gift Cards to Naira ($25, $100, $200)

Amazon Gift Card is like a shopping voucher used to purchase items on Amazon, but it can be exchanged and converted to cash in Naira if you know where to look.

If you have any Amazon Gift Card but you do not want to shop with it, then it is okay to just convert it to cash and use it for other expenses.

Even though Amazon Gift card has a sort of limited usage, in this article, we will find some ways to convert it and get value in Naira. Turning lemons to lemonades, eh?

Let’s find out.

Use Amazon Gift Cards for Dropshipping

So, the first option we have to convert Amazon gift cards to Naira, is to use it for the actual purpose for which it was created – purchasing items on Amazon.

Here’s how we’ll do it.

Find people who want to purchase items from abroad, and offer them your service to help them pay in dollars while they pay you in Naira. Items could range from $50 and $100 upwards.

This way you would get the full value of your Amazon gift card. You could even charge extra for the service rendered.

This is the basics of Dropshipping.

The most popular items Nigerians buy on Amazon are Electronics, accessories, Audio books, etc. You can simply do an advert for these items online and get people to pay you to get it for them on Amazon.

Exchange Amazon Gift Cards for Cash on Product Forums

Online product forums are not just places to chatter about products and prices, people make deals there as well.

To find exchangers for your Amazon gift cards, you have to scour the internet for product forums, especially American product forums, and then try to get people to pay you cash in exchange for your Amazon gift cards.

This way, you can convert your Amazon gift card to cash no matter the value. From $25 and $100, up to $200 and $500.

This could be risky, but you could find a good deal that helps you recoup almost the exact value of your Amazon gift card.

Buy Cryptocurrency & Stablecoins with Amazon Gift Cards on Paxful

Another good way to quickly convert your Amazon gift card to Naira, is to use it to purchase cryptocurrency and stablecoins on Paxful using the p2p option.

I especially think exchanging Amazon gift cards for stablecoins like USDT is the way to go. You could get almost 80% to 90% value if you find a good deal.

Most exchangers would require that you have Amazon gift card that is worth at least $50. Some would require a minimum of $100 or $200.

Once you have exchanged your Amazon gift card for USDT, you can then convert the USDT to cash in Naira.

Easy Peasy, eh?

Exchange Amazon Gift Cards for Naira on Glover App

When all else fails, it’s Glover App to the rescue.

You can just strip all the complexity and go straight to the chase. Exchange your Amazon gift cards for Naira on Glover.

This can be done under 30 minutes, and is the most straightforward way to convert your Amazon gift card for Naira, but with the least value.

You could get about 55% to 60% of the value of your Amazon gift card if converted using the Glover app platform.

You should have an Amazon gift card that is at least worth $50 to maximize the cash value you get. Using a smaller denomination would lead to getting a poor deal or no deal at all.

This is a good option for people who want to get their Naira ASAP, or those who do not understand the complexity of the other options.

All in all, the most important thing is that you’ll be able to convert your Amazon gift card to cash and receive value in Naira.




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