How to Earn Passive Income With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Associates aka Amazon affiliate marketing program is a genuine way to make consistent income online.

But one of the biggest mistakes I see many affiliates doing is trying hard to sell or push products so as to make a commission.

When Amazon Associates launched, the goal wasn’t to have loads of people trying to convince others to buy products they know nothing about.

It was all about recommending products you have used and enjoyed.

Hence why they are called associates, not affiliates in the first place.

I recently wrote an article on why affiliate marketing doesn’t work for many people today, and I mentioned that Amazon Associates is one of the few affiliate marketing programs that works, but you have to do it the right way.

So, in this article, I want to share a few ideas about what to do if you want to start making passive income via Amazon Associates as an affiliate.

This is especially important for those who have struggled to make money via the program and looking for fresh ideas to relaunch their online ventures.

Let’s dive in.

Pick a Niche

If you have followed my work, you’ll see that I’ve always been an advocate for picking a niche in anything you do, especially with online business.

I see no need in trying to be everything to everyone, when you can simply choose one thing and be extremely good at it.

Same applies with Amazon affiliate marketing. Find a niche where you are very skilled and you see a path for growth.

Grow a Global Audience

The next step is to find, attract and grow a global audience.

You want to be intentional about this, because the type of audience you choose will determine how much sales you get.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with Amazon Associates is targeting an audience that is not naturally inclined to buying online.

You have to find an audience that already has the habit of spending heavily on items from eCommerce stores.

Top countries include the U.S, U.K, Canada, and a few European countries.

Make your research on their buying habits and determine your entry point.

Create Contents Around Products

Now after finding the right audience, you have to find what products they are likely to buy.

And then start creating products in the same niche as those products.

One of my most successful Amazon Associates sites was a business quotes site.

What I did was find a popular motivational quote and then write a compelling article about it.

Then I sprinkled Amazon affiliate links on the article that links to business and career books around the same topics.

I observed that as my audience grew, the clicks to the Amazon products pages increased, as well as my earnings.

That is a perfect example of creating content around products.

So now, what kinds of products should you create content around?

Here are some ideas:

High-priced Products

You could create content around high-priced products.

I believe that this is one of the fastest ways to make money with Amazon Associates because you don’t need to sell many products to make money.

Imagine making a 5% commission on a product selling for $3,000. 

You can easily make $150 per sale. That could be easily $1,500 if you can make just 10 sales per month.

High Frequency Products

Another target could be high frequency products.

If you cannot find a good high-priced product in your niche, then you should go for products that are bought frequently.

Some $5 products could be bought as much as weekly if it is integral in helping the buyer live a better life.

Or if it is a highly disposable item or product that needs to be replaced often.

I’ve seen products priced at $5 that people buy in large quantities.

Just imagine a buyer buying 100 pieces of a product sold at $5 each. That’s a $500 sale.

If you get 10 of that kind of a sale in a month, and you make a 5% commission, that is easily a $250 monthly earning. 

Recommend Products 

The final step in making passive income with Amazon affiliate marketing is to integrate product recommendations to your content.

Simply put, your content should be so embedded in the product niche that you could easily recommend products without your audience knowing.

Just like my business and career motivational blog where I recommended books, you could recommend items in your niche that you feel your audience would need.

For example, if you have a blog about acne and you write contents about home remedies for acne, you could easily recommend acne products through your content and your audience would be glad to try it out.

The more you produce this kind of content, the more you are building a snowball of Amazon affiliate recommendations that will start to bring you passive income.

You might not make much when you start, but as your audience grows and with more content, you will see your Amazon Associates income start to grow.


Anyone with a reasonable amount of research knowledge and skills can make money as an affiliate marketer with Amazon Associates.

You only have to be consistent and intentionally build content around a niche and audience that has money flowing.

If you can stick at that, it wouldn’t be long before your Amazon Associates earnings start to pile up.

Here’s to happy earnings. 




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