3 Ways to Get Paid Fast With Amazon KDP in Nigeria

If you are a Nigerian publisher on the Amazon KDP platform, and you earn a reasonable income there, your biggest worry is probably how to get paid as quickly as possible.

On Amazon KDP the speed at which you are paid largely depends on what payment method you choose.

As a Nigerian publisher on Amazon KDP, you are left with two options of either wire transfer or direct deposit.

The wire transfer option is highly discouraged because you’ll have to meet certain payment thresholds and still deal with the troubles of Nigerian banks and their bureaucracy. 

Now, the direct deposit option is obviously the best way to go as it is the fastest means of getting paid on Amazon KDP.

However, you’ll need a USD bank account to receive the direct deposit of your earnings.

There are many platforms that can help you create a foreign USD account which you can use to receive direct deposits of your Amazon KDP earnings, but many of them come with requirement bottlenecks, and are quick in banning accounts over minute issues.

So, which is the best method to quickly get paid with Amazon KDP in Nigeria?

Below are some of the best working methods.

Payoneer USD Account

Payoneer is a popular way to get paid with Amazon KDP. All you need is to verify the account with a government-issued ID card and generate your foreign account numbers via their global payment service.

Once you have your accounts on Payoneer, simply copy the USD account and paste into your Amazon KDP bank account details.

Amazon will send your earnings to your Payoneer account, which you can then send to your domiciliary account in Nigeria or quickly exchange it for cash.

Wise USD Account

Wise.com can help you create a foreign USD account number which you can use to receive direct deposit on Amazon KDP.

With Wise, you’ll have to first verify your ID with a USD debit card, which you can generate from any of the virtual dollar card platforms in Nigeria.

Once you have verified your wise account, you can then generate a USD account number, which you can copy and paste in your Amazon KDP bank account details.

Amazon will send your KDP earnings to your wise USD account, which you can then transfer to any other account you have or you can exchange the funds to any digital asset of your choice.

Grey GBP Account

You can use your Grey.co account to actually exchange your funds from wise.

Simply transfer your Amazon KDP funds from your wise USD account to your Grey GBP account, and then exchange for Naira.

Alternatively, if you set up your Amazon KDP account to get paid in GBP, then your Grey GBP account would come in handy to receive your KDP earnings.

Once you have received your KDP earnings into your Grey account, you can then exchange it to Naira and start spending.

Grey offers one of the best exchange rates of any other fintech platform in Nigeria, and the exchange process is quite fast.


You are safe to use any of the methods outlined above to quickly receive your Amazon KDP royalties.

Whichever method you decide to use will depend on what is convenient for you, and which platform you are able to verify an account.

If you are able to access all the platforms, it is best to use each of them to receive your Amazon KDP earnings at least once, so you can decide which is most convenient for your needs.




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