How to Triple Your Fiverr Income With Buyers Briefs

Boosting your Fiverr income has now become easier more than ever for many digital freelancers.

Yiu can now earn more via buyers briefs aka Fiverr matching requests.

You don’t need to rank high on the algorithms or even lobby clients to patronize your gigs.

The fiverr game has changed and is about to put money into the pockets of a few serious freelancers.

So, how is this possible? How can you start increasing your Fiverr revenue and making money? 

Firstly, here’s the gist.

Fiverr recently closed the buyers request section and replaced it with Buyers brief.

The buyers request section was becoming spammy and filled with low-quality freelancers and scammers, so Fiverr had to make a change.

Now, the buyers brief is kind of interesting. Freelancers now do not need to apply to any job requests.

All they have to do is maintain a high-quality work rate and they will get matching orders to buyer’s briefs.

Interesting right?

So, How does the Matching Orders Feature Work?

Simply put, Fiverr strategically matches the highest quality orders to the most relevant gigs and services.

The good thing about this is that this process levels the playing ground and eliminates any competition for freelancers.

If you always deliver high quality work that your clients love and rate you for, you will get matching orders to relevant buyers briefs.

All Fiverr does is match a buyers brief to a freelancer based on specific criteria such as pricing, availability, gig service, and quality of work.

I’ve noticed a few specific requirements that ensures you constantly get matched with buyers brief, and we’ll discuss them below.

Availability and Minimum Price

In my experience, the two most important factors that determine how and whether a buyers brief is matched to a seller, are availability and minimum price.

Firstly, you have to be available to work on a client’s job, so that’s the first basic non-negotiable requirement.

All sellers are automatically set to be available for buyers briefs, but you can crosscheck to make sure you’re really set to available.

To do this, simply go to your gigs page. At right side of the top of the page, you’d see a toggle which says “Get briefs”.

All you have to do is make sure that button is toggled on.

Now, the second important criteria for getting matching orders is your minimum price for briefs.

Fiverr will always match buyers briefs to gigs within similar price range. So, the minimum price you set will determine how many brief clients you get.

The plan is to set a reasonable but low minimum price for your briefs. You can always increase this when discussing with the clients according to the job requirements.

The minimum price is usually not the final price for the buyers brief. You’d have to discuss with the clients to know specific details of the job and then price accordingly.

If you set an unreasonable high minimum price, you’d be reducing your visibility and access to clients via the matching orders.

So, be reasonable and position yourself to access as many buyer clients as possible.

To set your minimum price, click on the “set price” link beside the “Get briefs” toggle at the right side of the top of the gig page.

That said, how do you start boosting your Fiverr revenue by getting matching requests?

How to Triple Your Fiverr Revenue Via Matching Requests

High-quality Job Delivery

The first point is to become a high quality seller on Fiverr.

Fiverr cannot ignore high quality sellers because they are the ones who make the platform tick.

If you constantly deliver high quality work on Fiverr, you’d be worshipped by both the fiverr algorithm and buyers.

And you’re likely to receive lots of buyers briefs from matching requests.

So, how do you constantly deliver high quality jobs?

In my experience, the best way to do that is to offer services that you can easily deliver.

If you offer gig services that fit your skills and are easy for you to deliver, you will always match buyers quality and speed of deliver requirements.

And that will set you apart as a high-quality seller on Fiverr.

Lots of Positive Feedback From Clients

One thing I’ve discovered with Fiverr is that the platform works with signals.

Signals from both the buyers and the clients. And these signals affect the algorithms greatly.

No matter how good your job delivery is, if the client doesn’t give you any feedback, there’s no way Fiverr will be able to know if you have done a good job.

So, you have to hassle the buyer to give their client on every job that you deliver.

For me, this is a must.

For every job delivered, the buyer is obligated to rate the service, whether good or bad.

If you consistently do your best, then you’ll get a lot of positive feedback, and this would show Fiverr that you are a high-quality seller on the platform.

Reasonable Pricing

Now, back to pricing again.

Pricing is a very important part of having success on Fiverr because it affects how many cleints you attract, and the more buyers you get, the more you are able to show how good you are.

So, apart from your brief minimum price discussed earlier, your normal gigs on Fiverr have to be priced reasonably if you want to have any success.

You can always upsell clients on an individual basis, but always keep your gig prices low to draw in clients to your page.

Wide-range Gig Availability

One of the biggest factors in getting more clients and boosting your Fiverr earnings is to cover a wide-range of demands with your gigs.

It’s as simple as that.

The more diverse your gigs, the more client demands can be matched to your services and you will get more orders.

In my experience, I’ve observed that it is not about the number of gigs on your page, but how diverse they are.

So, instead of having 10 gigs about email marketing, you could diversify your gig targets into email series writing, email design, email capture & lead pages, squeeze page content writing, etc.

If your gig cover a wide-range of services, you’ll gain more visibility and get more orders.

Which means, more Fiverr revenue for you.




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