How to Change BVN Phone Number Due to Lost or Stolen Sim

You would agree with me that your sim card is becoming more and more tied to your financial activities.  More so, now that the Bank Verification Number (BVN) which has now become integral to our banking activities, has been tied to our identity.  Before now, you could lose your sim card and it wouldn’t affect … Read more

Nigerian Banks with the Highest Interest for Savings Account

Over 80 percent of Nigerians with bank accounts maintain a savings account.  But the truth is that most savings account holders in Nigeria do not get their due interest due to negligence or indifference about the matter.  They either exhaust their monthly withdrawal limit which effectively disqualifies them from receiving any interest, or do not … Read more

How To Convert Your Fiverr Earnings To Bitcoin In Nigeria

covert fiverr earnings to bitcoin

Heads-up: I can help you convert all or part of your Fiverr earnings to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies via Payoneer. If interested, kindly visit the Payoneer Exchange Page. Earning from Fiverr as a Nigerian freelancer is a sweet deal. You get to do what you love doing at your convenience, and you earn good money … Read more

How to Withdraw from Fiverr to Nigerian Bank Via Payoneer

how to withdraw from fiverr to Nigerian bank account

If you are an active freelancer on fiverr, you would know that withdrawing your earnings from fiverr to your Nigerian bank account is the most important part of your online venture. You don’t want to work hard and then have your earnings stuck somewhere on the web. I remember the first time I started freelancing … Read more

How to Open a Domiciliary Account in Nigeria (Without References)

Do you know you can open a domiciliary account in Nigeria without references in just 5 minutes? Yes, that’s right. If you do online business, freelancing, blogging via adsense, or affiliate marketing in Nigeria, then you would have encountered some issues with getting paid earnings that you worked hard for. I remembered when I first … Read more