5 Places to Profitably Trade Your Pi Coin in Nigeria

Signs are showing that the Pi Coin is gaining traction among crypto enthusiasts in recent times.

Many people are now looking to trade their Pi coin for quick profits while they continue to mine more coins in the foreseeable future.

With Pi rolling out user verification in quick successions, users who are verified are now seeing the opportunity in selling the Pi coin they’ve accumulated over the years.

And for good profit.

If you are looking to quickly trade your Pi coin but don’t know how to start, then this post will help you.

Here are 5 places you can trade your Pi coin in Nigeria and get good value for your efforts.

Nairaland Business

The business section of the Nairaland forum is a great place to get buyers who are serious about buying Pi coins.

I’ve seen a lot of adverts there of people who want to either buy or sell Pi coin and their quoted rates are pretty good.

You will need to register an account on Nairaland and wait for a few weeks before you can start posting adverts on the business section of Nairaland.

So, the earlier you start the process, the faster you can sell your Pi coins.

Pi Spaces on Twitter 

You can trade your Pi coins on a few Pi Spaces on Twitter and other related crypto spaces.

Twitter spaces are communities where niche topics are discussed, and there are a lot of crypto spaces there.

Simply type “Pi” on the community search bar and you’ll see a lot of them pop up.

You only need a Twitter account to join a Twitter space as long as the space is a public one.

You could also be invited to a private crypto space if you have a friend who already belongs to one.

Online Pi Shop

You could set up an online Pi Shop where you trade Pi with the general public.

If you are truly bullish on the Pi coin and you believe in the value you can get in exchanging and trading it, then you can set up a digital shop for it.

It could be a simple website or landing page with a catchy or descriptive domain name that matches the brand you want to create.

That is if you’re looking to do this as a full-time business.

Crypto Facebook Groups

Just like the Twitter Spaces, there are so many crypto Facebook groups where you can find someone to trade Pi coins with.

You can simply do a group search on Facebook for the keyword “Pi” and see what comes up.

Many groups will come up, but it’s safer to join Nigerian groups due to proximity and trust.

P2P Circles

If all efforts fail, then P2P to the rescue.

It could be quite hard to find a trustworthy person online to trade with.

Some might have intent to scam you of your Pi coins while others may not trust you enough to trade with you over the internet.

In that case, what would you do?

Your best chance would then be to find someone in your close circle to link you up.

It could be from your school, your street, or even your church. You have to scour your networks to find someone willing to have a physical meeting and trade with you.

One of the biggest opportunities for P2P Pi coin trades that I’ve seen is the security circle in your Pi network.

Most of the trades I’ve seen up till today have been from the Pi security circle due to high trust level.

So, you could send a group message to your security circle on the Pi app and ask if anyone wants to buy or trade Pi coins with you.

This way, you will probably find some luck.




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